Jim Jordan Has Put The Biden Camp On DEATH WATCH!

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If you are going to commit to something based on the evidence you have to make sure that what you are saying is absolutely correct.

There is nothing worse in this world than having a situation come up where you accuse someone and then you turn out to be wrong.

That is why this whole situation with Hunter Biden is so terrifying is that we have checked it and checked it again.

I think we all knew that this was going to be the case when the social media companies worked so hard to try and stop the public from seeing the damning New York Post reports. If there was no ‘there, there’ why stop the release of the documents?

They would want them to be seen by everyone, so that the next day, when they are discredited, so is Trump and his campaign.

That outcome would ruin Trump forever, especially with the help of the media.  Adam Schiff’s predictable ‘this is a Russian disinformation plot’ would be sold by the major media outlets as veritas and that would be it for the Trump campaign.  However, as we all suspected, knowing what we know about Hunt(r B*den, the emails are apparently real and so is the corruption and now, alleged child sex abuse.

Rep Jim Jordan says his staff has been able to verify that the emails purported to be Hunter Biden’s have been verified.

Jordan said:

Our staff has had numerous conversations…which have independently confirmed for us that in fact these emails are real, they’re authentic.” 

“We’re confident that that is in fact the case, and that these emails are accurate.”

“Hunter Biden cashed in, Joe Biden is compromised, and of course the former vice president misled the American people when he said he had no knowledge, no understanding of what his son was up to in his international business dealings.”

One email found on the laptop shows that Hunter Biden had set up a meeting between Joe Biden and an adviser to Burisma, the Ukrainian natural gas company. Hunter was a board member of Burisma at the time. This despite them fact that Biden has said numerous times that he knew nothing about his sin’s business interests.

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