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“J’accuse…!” was an open letter published on January 13, 1898, in the French newspaper L’Aurore, by the writer Emile Zola. Zola accused the French military of anti-Semitism in the court martial and conviction of Alfred Dreyfus, a French Army General, for espionage. General Dreyfus was sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil’s Island. In February 1898, Zola was prosecuted for libel and found guilty. He fled to England until June 1899.

In 1899, Dreyfus returned to France for a retrial; although found guilty again, he was pardoned.  In 1906, Dreyfus appealed his case, to obtain an annulment of his guilty verdict. That same year, he was awarded the Cross of the Legion of Honor, which stated, “a soldier who has endured an unparalleled martyrdom.”

In his letter, Zola famously stated “…truth is on the march, and nothing will stop it.” Indeed, the prosecution’s case had unraveled, and the guilty parties and specious evidence had been revealed. Sadly, an innocent man had been imprisoned. Thus, Zola risked a libel suit by naming the guilty parties and fraudulent evidence, in a litany of “J’accuse” statements.

The United States government is at such a point of corruption with the Mueller investigation. Instead of anti-Semitism, the driving force behind this corruption is Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). (Refer to my article, dated February 5, 2018.)

Those who would convict President Trump of colluding with the Russians and obstruction of justice in relation thereto, refuse to acknowledge the fabrications.  After more than a year, the Mueller investigation has produced no substantive evidence to support these allegations.

Rather, as has been revealed by text messages between FBI Agent Strzok and Attorney Page, Judicial Watch investigations and Representative Nunes’ memo, the FBI and DOJ abused the legal process and the FISA court.  On October 21, 2016, based on an unsubstantiated dossier, the FBI obtained a probable cause order to surveil Carter Page, a volunteer advisor to the Trump campaign. This order was extended three times. The myriad applications were signed by Director Comey, Deputy Director McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, among others.

Upper echelon DOJ and FBI officials, including President Obama, conspired on behalf of Candidate Hillary Clinton. After her defeat, they continued to spy on President-elect/President Trump.  And, so, in the tradition of Emile Zola:

J’accuse President Obama of being the diabolical creator of espionage against a political opponent, on behalf of Candidate Clinton, and the continuation of the spying against President-elect/President Trump.
J’accuse Attorney General Lynch of complicity in allowing the surveillance and condoning a false exoneration of Candidate Clinton’s malfeasance.
J’accuse Directory Comey of covering up the malfeasance of Candidate Clinton and authorizing the surveillance of the Trump campaign and presidency.
J’accuse Top FBI Investigator Strzok of complicity in the cover-up of Candidate Clinton’s malfeasance.
J’accuse Special Counsel Mueller of a villainous inquiry, ignoring evidence of the misdeeds of those who appointed him.
J’accuse the Mainstream Media of publishing known lies and opinion as factual journalism.


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