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Rashida Tlaib, the Antisemitic Muslim bomb throwing Congresswoman from Michigan, went on NBC News ‘Meet the Press’ and did what she does best, lie about President Donald Trump.

Rashida Tlaib came with her ready-made list of talking points hot off the DNC presses to spout her latest lies about President Trump to Democrat apologist, Chuck (Sleepy eyes) Todd, of MSNBC’s “Meet The Press

Rashida Tlaib’s Accusations Against President Trump #1

“We’re Trying to figure out what was going on with children being caged at the border”

Of course, if Rashida Tlaib actually wanted to know, the record is quite clear as to why children are “getting caged at the border.”

All Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan) would need to do is look at the notes, former President Barack Obama built those cages.

Hell, they even have pictures to follow along, just in case some of the words are over 6 letters long.

Obama Immigrant Children Held In Cages

Strange, the Democrats never seemed to have a problem when Obama was “caging children,” or “separating families,” or breaking the law?

When the Obama administration stopped separating families and instead chose to open family detention centers. His administration started violated the law, more specifically the Flores Settlement, by holding kids far longer than the 20-days Illegal Immigrant children are allowed to be held.

Rashida Tlaib should utilize this new-fangled website called to search for “Obama breaks Flores agreement law.” She’ll only find 964,000 results.

In fact, because Rashida Tlaib has provided us with so much material to write about since coming to the swamp, we’ll reciprocate her kindness.

Here’s a link Rashida, to get you started on the road to educating yourself. Court Again Rules Against Obama’s Efforts to Detain Children

Rashida Tlaib’s Accusations Against President Trump #2

“Still waiting for a response from the Trump administration, we’re asking big Pharma to come before our oversight committee and testify…”

Is Rashida Tlaib waiting for President Trump to say “Okay?”

What does President Trump have to do with a House oversight committee calling in witnesses to testify?

Tlaib claims that the Trump administration is telling Big Pharma execs they don’t have to come before the committee?

Umm, I think the Muslim moronic Congresswoman is getting her talking points messed up and combining DNC talking point numbers 287 and 288.

The truth is, after the House put on their dog-and-pony show with Michael Cohen, some of Rashida Tlaib’s Republican House members told some Big Pharma execs, ‘Don’t waste your time coming because all the Democrats want to do is bloviate, and create sound bites.’

Besides not having anything to do with President Trump, Rashida Tlaib simply lied about Big Pharma not cooperating.

According to the Daily Beast:

“All 12 [Big Pharma] companies committed to complying with the committee’s requests in January, and they have been producing information on a rolling basis, although some are further along than others.

After Rep. Jordan sent his letters urging the drug companies not to comply, several expressed surprise and concern, but no company said it would refuse to cooperate, and we continue to expect full compliance going forward.”

So, Rashida Tlaib lied:

  • Certainly not President Trump, or for that matter any Republican told Big Pharma to ignore a subpoena, since the oversight committee’s sent “requests,” which anyone can tell Big Pharma execs to ignore. The House basically asked “can you send us…”
  • Big Pharma is co-operating, but after hearing this, if I was a Big Pharma exec I would say “FU if you’re still gonna cry we are fighting you, after we cooperated, then send us a subpoena and we will have our lawyers spend a few years fighting it until you’re kicked out of the majority in 2020. Also, no more free paid vacations for you dimwitted back-stabbing Democrat F**KS.


Rashida Tlaib’s Accusations Against President Trump #3

“A lot of the corruption from through the Oval Office is seeping into the Congress”

Of course, she never gives an example of this “corruption,” and if it’s “seeping into the Congress,” that’s on her fellow Congressional members, not President Trump.

How is the Trump administration to blame for Congress’ lack of ethics and morals?

Did President Trump say “I dare you, NO, I Double Dare you?

Rashida Tlaib’s Accusations Against President Trump #4, #5, and #6

Rashida Tlaib claims “Since day one the President has…”

  • #4 Has misled Congress (No Examples)
  • #5 Has undermined his own cabinet (No Examples)
    • I’ll will give Rashida Tlaib this one. President Trump did go after, and rightly so in our opinion, Former AG Jeff Sessions for doing nothing about the Russia hoax, which President Trump was right when he called it a “Witch-Hunt,” and for recusing himself so easily because he bent the knee to shrilling Democrats for no reason.
  • #6 Lied to the American people (No Examples)

Rashida Tlaib claimed 2018 was the largest class of new House members since Watergate (1974)

Umm, close but no cigar, of course, maybe she’s using the 2018 Freshman Democrats “feelings are just as good as facts” belief.


Rashida Tlaib also claimed “We didn’t run on impeachment... This coming from the moron who claimed on the same night she won, ‘We’re going to Washington to impeach the Mother F**ker’

But I heard this line a few times over the past week or so from other Democrats, so it must be a new DNC talking point they want to push… Similar to “the walls are closing in.”

Rashida Tlaib’s Accusations Against President Trump #7

“This coming from a President who subverts the Constitution ever day”

Again, no examples but I find it funny that the only people who are openly crying about breaking the constitution and the law are the Democrats.

Just look at their whining that Attorney General William Barr will not release the full unredacted Mueller Report.

Of course, they did this with full knowledge that if AG Barr did release a full unredacted Mueller report, he would be breaking the law since he is not allowed to BY LAW to release secret Grand Jury testimony.

No matter how many times the Democrats demand him to do so, it’s still unlawful for him to do… Of course, it goes without saying, that the first people who would accuse AG Bill Barr of breaking the law would be House Democrats.

Rashida Tlaib went on and on during the 6-minute interview about the despicable behavior of the President blah blah blah. 

This comes from a person who routinely speaks Antisemitic tropes, or defends her anti-Semite BFF Ilhan Omar.

Since Rashida Tlaib was ranting about Ethics and Morals she may want to find a mirror and take a closer look at the reflection staring back.

Rashida Tlaib not only is a member of a Palestinian Holocaust denier group, she even let them do fund-raisers for her in 2018 that she attended.

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