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During a Friday night interview on MSNBC, the former CIA Chief and current traitor to the United States, John Brennan had a meltdown on live TV.

Speaking to MSNBC’s resident doofus Chris Hayes, the former head of the Clinton Cabal CIA — now political hack, John Brennen, melted down over President Trump’s decision to order the declassification of documents related to the origins of the Russia probe.

Nothing gets the Clinton Criminal Cabal more upset than transparency.

Look at what they did to Julian Assange after exposing what Clinton, John Podesta, and the Democrats truly thought of America, and those struggling ‘fly-over’ Americans.

Not to mention what the DNC did to that poor old simpleminded socialist Bernie Sanders.

The former CIA Chief spewed:

“This is a very very serious and outrageous move on the part of Mr. Trump once again trampling upon the statutory authorities of the director of national intelligence and the heads of the independent intelligence agencies,” 

“I know that my former colleagues in the intelligence agencies are looking upon this with great concern and worry,” 

As well as they should, of course, I don’t think Brennan had the rank and file CIA and FBI agents who are out there every day working to keep America safe… They weren’t to blame for the Democrats Russian Collusion Delusion.

No, it was Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Rice, Comey, McCabe, Strzok who were the masterminds behind the attempt Coup d’état of the legitimately elected President of the United States Donald J. Trump.

Brennan continued. “Again, I implore others to stand up to this uh, I think unprecedented acts on the part of Mr. Trump”

If Brennan and his colleagues did nothing wrong, why would they be worrying about what Attorney General Barr may release?

The Inspector General’s Report Is Coming!

If Brennan is so confident that he is a man of honor and integrity, why is he worried about the upcoming release of Michael Horowitz Inspector General report.

Sources tell us that the IG report into the FISA warrant will be released before the end of June.

The IG report will reportedly touch upon how the whole Russian hoax got started and will be a true “BOMBSHELL” report.

And not the Buzzfeed kind of “bombshell” but a real honest to goodness, throwing Democrats in jail kind of “BOMBSHELL.”

Trey Gowdy Already Dropped His Own Brennen Bombshell

We already know from former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) who is one of only a handful of Congressional members to have actually seen the same classified documents that President Trump has now given AG Barr authority to un-classify.

Gowdy stated that John Brennan should be extremely worried, because of the evidence he read of the wrong doing that Brennan, Clapper, and James Comey committed.

“He [James Comey], James Clapper [former Director of National Intelligence] and John Brennan [former CIA Director ] are validating the concerns that other people including the president have had about their objectivity by their comments and their demeanor after they left their offices,” 

Watch The Video Here: Trey Gowdy Rips Apart ‘Saint James’ Comey, Clapper and Brennan [VIDEO]

President Trump Blasted John Brennan On Twitter

“John Brennan on the Mueller probe, “I don’t know if I received bad information, but I THINK I SUSPECTED THAT THERE WAS MORE THAN THERE ACTUALLY WAS.” Wow, he admits he was wrong! Congress should go back to work on drug prices etc,”

Brennan responded to President Trump’s tweet by doubling down on his idiocy by outlandish claiming, that the Mueller report, which clearly stated there was no evidence of collusion, actually proved that there was collusion.

Wait, What? 

In Our Humble Opinion

John Brennan and his deep state cohorts may want to start googling “Seppuku.”

Seppuku is a form of Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment, that was originally reserved for Samurai, but later practiced by others who wanted to restore honor for themselves or for their families.

If Brennan needs them, has a few Coupons for FREE Ginsu Knives.

For all John Brennan has done for to our country, we’ll be honored to pay the shipping and handling charges for him.

Speaking of Free. 

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