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There was a time not long ago when reporters asked “Why are you the most qualified to be President?”

NOW they’re asking Eric Swalwell “Why should another White guy be President?”

This, ladies and Gentleman, is what’s called Identity Politics run amok.

VICE, the leftist go-to website for the woke liberal mob, asked Eric Swalwell, “why should another white guy be president?” Now, at this point, the chocolate milk I was drinking would have probably shot out my nose from laughing so hard…

Followed with a “WTF? Biotch Please ”

I would ask this WHITE woman reporter

“When you interview Kamala Harris or one of the other women running for President, will you asked them…

“Why should we have a woman president who has a menstrual cycle every 30 days? Who will you run the country if your cramps are really bad that month?”

Will Vice ask women running for President “Would you step down from being Madam President if you go through menopause?

Because, nothing would be worse for the United States than having a women president, going through mood swings, and having hot flashes while having to decide if America should go to war or not.

But if I really acted Presidential and took this liberal loony toon question seriously, then I would have responded…

“So you don’t want to know what I can do for our country? Instead, you’d rather discuss my qualification based on my Melanin level?”

I won’t even bother to go into what happens if I spent a few days in a tanning booth?

Eric Swalwell’s Wife Only Wishes He Was This Straight

But Eric Swalwell, the king of woke, answered the imbecilic question with such a straight face, you’d think he was asked this question every day.

Swalwell started off by whining:

“Well, a white guy who doesn’t see other identities, or understand other experiences should not be President. I do.”

Really, I wonder how many of these people running in 2020, like this Ken doll, know what it’s like to be hungry? Or suffer through a winter without heat, or send their kids to private school.

Yes, Eris Swalwell, no one understands Americans like Washington D.C. politicians, who fly over us at 35,000 feet, and get 20 weeks of vacation, or can run for President and not do the job they were elected to do for almost two years.

Swalwell continued:

“And where there would be gaps in my knowledge or my experience will pass the mic to people who do have that experience.”

Wait, so now Eric Swalwell campaign slogan is “Elect me because I’ll have the best Presidency run by Committee ever?”

What’s Eric Swalwell going to do when an issue arises that mostly affects the Black Community? Grab his phone and call Maxine Waters?

If the discussion turns to College’s SAT discrimination against Asians is Eric Swalwell gonna text Ted Lieu and let him decide what’s best?

Of course, the clip ends with Eric Swalwell saying he already promised that a woman would be his VP.

I assume he thinks that’s where a woman’s place should be standing behind the white guy who’s head of the Presidential committee?

If he doesn’t think this way, then why would we vote for Eric Swalwell?

Because according to the way Eric Swalwell wants to run his Presidency, Let’s just elect a Black LGBTQ Woman and cut out the middle man. Sorry, but I’ll never vote for Stacey Abrams… EVER!

Is there any wonder why Eric Swalwell is polling at -1

What’s next VICE?

Will you ask Kirsten Gillibrand, “Why would American’s vote for an white albino woman, when they could vote for a not actually black, but black enough, Jamaican like Kamala Harris?’

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