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Senator Elizabeth Warren is in Iowa campaigning for President and it’s raining…

Time to break out the Climate Change Hysteria and scream “We’re Doomed… Doomed I tell You!

Elizabeth Warren campaigning in Iowa started sounding the Doom-n-Gloom alarm bells after the unthinkable happened, an ultra-rare, freakish weather event called rain started falling from the heavens.

Pocahontas’ ‘We’re Doomed’ video comes hot on the heels of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s over the top climate change hysterics where AOC was crying ‘Someone must save those poor people waiting for a bus’ video after DC issued a Tornado warning last week.

Warren pleaded with America to vote for her so they don’t have to endure these awful conditions that have mysteriously arisen in the past days and weeks.

We just published an article about how times have changed, and not for the better.

Instead of asking someone running for President in 2020 “What makes you the best qualified to be President?”

That story showed a video of a reporter from the liberal loony toon website VICE asking Eric Swalwell “Why should we elect another white guy as President

Again, there was a time not long ago when President Trump, went on Twitter and jokingly asked: “It’s 20 degrees below zero, where’s all that Global Warming I keep Hearing About?”

Of course, that triggered the liberal mob and they responded en masse “We Have The Stupidest President EVER! Weather Does Not Equate To Climate Change”

Flash Forward a few Months and NOW if a raindrop falls from the sky the left runs around screaming “The Climate Change End Is Upon Us” like a bunch of chicken littles with their heads chopped off.

Pocahontas Pack Up Your Tepee and Go Home… YOU’RE WRONG! 

Elizabeth Warren stated that ‘Yes, it rains, but we are getting more extreme weather now than we ever did before

Umm, NO, Moron we aren’t

Similar to what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did last week with her ‘Kiss Your Ass Goodbye’ video, Elizabeth Warren, as all Democrats do, never let’s a silly little thing like FACTS get in the way of their Climate Change fiction.

According to The Precipitation Climatology of Iowa By Iowa State Climatologist Harry Hillaker:

Precipitation averages around 34 inches per year for the state, ranging from 26 inches in the extreme northwest to as much as 38 inches in the southeast. However, annual totals vary widely from year to year and locality to locality.

Annual totals have varied from as little as 12.11 inches at Clear Lake in 1910 and Cherokee in 1958 to as much as 74.50 inches at Muscatine in 1851. For Iowa during the period of reliable statewide records (since 1873), the year 1993 was the wettest (48.22 inches) and 1910 the driest (19.93 inches). 

Iowa’s Annual Mean Precipitations seems rather stable 

Iowa Annual Yearly Precipitation

While the Climate Change Crazies dreaded Co2 climbs, Tornado activity has been at historically low levels ever since the U.S. started recording them in the early 1950s.

US Tornadoes 1954 to 2019

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