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In this historic time when Coronavirus is forcing families to stay locked away in their homes hoping to avoid catching this deadly disease, Ivanka Trump posted a pro-family tweet that simply enraged the liberals’ social media mob.

Not only was the mob triggered, but it also showed just how frighteningly insane they are.

Many of the liberal progressive mob who attacked Ivanka Trump’s #TogetherApart tweet, are the same moronic asshats that support Bernie Sander’s who spews endlessly about all the good Fidel Castro a murderous piece of socialist scum has done for Cuba.

Well, I guess the liberal social media mobs new mantra is ‘No good deed goes unpunished’.

Ivanka Trump Triggers The Loony Toon Liberal Mob With Her Pro-Family Tweet

The Mob Attacks

Of course, because they’re just that stupid.

Many of the liberals from their moronic mob posted pictures of their beloved Obama locking away kids in the cages he created.

But most were just uninformed Liberal Twittering Twits who couldn’t see past their ‘ORANGE MAN BAD’ idiocy.

While Other Democrats Were Simply Repugnant

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