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BY: Jill Hollingsworth

This Presidential race will forever go down in history as being one of the craziest, yet most important race we’ve ever had. Each candidate is very different to say the least. On one side, you have a compulsive liar and a self-proclaimed Socialist. And the other side, you have a billionaire business mogul, a self-proclaimed constitutionalist state Senator, and a liberal Republican Governor. However, 4 out of the 5 candidates running for President are established politicians. Which we all know how these career politicians turn out when elected President! Just take a look at the past 4 Presidents we have had in office. How’s that working out for you America? Actually, let’s simplify it even better and take a look at the past 8 years since Obama has been in the Oval Office. What good has come of his Presidency? Can anyone name just ONE positive “CHANGE” that happened for the better? I sure as heck can’t! In fact, seems to me that our once great country isn’t that great anymore. Seriously folks, we are pretty much the laughing stock of the world! And it makes me question so many things about our current administration and its leaders. For instance, is the demise of the USA the ultimate goal of these so-called leaders?? That may sound crazy to some of you, however ask yourself this- How many President’s would allow a barbaric terrorist group threaten to take over the White House and kill them? Not to mention threatening to kill all Americans period! Also, how many President’s would sit back, take multi-million dollar vacations, and go play golf while American’s are being beheaded and Christian genocide is going on?! The mindset of our current POTUS and his administration does NOT make sense to me at all! And how about that insane Iran deal? We just are supposed to sit back and say it’s okay that they are standing in the streets chanting “Death To America” and “Death To Israel”? Oh and speaking of Israel, our country seems to have turned its back to them being that in that AWFUL Iran deal if Iran and Israel were to go to war, we have to help protect Iran!! Yeah, protect the country that hates us more than anyone. That makes a lot of sense let me tell ya! And all this insane nonsense makes me question the real motives of an established politician AND a Democrat too! But I will tell you who’s motives for POTUS I don’t question- Donald J. Trump’s!!

Let’s look at the facts about Mr. TRUMP:
1- Trump’s top priority for our country is SECURITY!!! He knows who the enemy is and isn’t afraid to call it for what it is, unlike some others we know. (Why is it so hard to say “radical islam”?!)

2- Being the security of our Nation is his top priority, Trump will build our military back bigger, better, and stronger than ever! He promises that our military will be so big and awesome that NOBODY will ever want to mess with us. (Wouldn’t that be GREAT?!)

3- Trump will protect and stand up for Christianity and the rights of Christians. (After all, the past 8 years it seems like it’s illegal to be a Christian.)

4- He is very much PRO-2nd Amendment. Trump believes every legal, law-abiding citizen should be able to protect themselves with a gun. (Like MOST normal people, Trump realizes the world is a crazy place these days and protection is absolutely necessary!)

5- A country without borders is guess what- NOT A COUNTRY! Mr. Trump realizes that illegal immigration is a HUGE problem that has got to be fixed. Illegals are taking our jobs, getting free government benefits every time they have a child born here, and some are even committing crimes against Americans such as molesting children, raping women, and even murder. Plus, with our borders not being secure that easily lets in terrorists. In fact, the southern border is the easiest way for jihadists to get into our country. (It’s past time to build that dang wall!)

6- Under Trump, not only will you NOT see a tax increase in your paycheck, but you will be paying in LESS TAXES! Meaning- Up to $150,000/year you WILL see an increase in your paycheck every pay period! (FACT- Trump’s tax plan is the best I’ve seen!)

7- Trump will be the greatest job creator the Presidency has ever seen! His negotiating skills are AMAZING and that will help bring back so many jobs that were once here but left to other countries. (Job creation=MONEY!)

8- No more Obamacare under a Trump Presidency! Insurance rates will go down and you will have BETTER COVERAGE!! (Bonus- if any corruption within Obamacare is found by the Trump administration, those responsible WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!)

9- Speaking of corruption and holding those accountable for their actions, a LOT of people might have to answer for the bad things they have done to screw us Americans over! Mr. Trump is a very honest man in case you haven’t figured that out by now. And he despises corruption, especially within our government! I am pretty sure corruption within the government, Big Pharma, and other huge corporations will come to an end under him. (No more pay-offs to career politicians!)

10- And the last fact that I will share with you all is a pretty important one to me as a PARENT! And that is Trump’s promise to end Common Core by returning education to the STATES where it belongs! This is a real WIN-WIN for us parents! (Oh and just so ya know, Kasich supports Common Core, which is why I am sure he is still in the race! Maybe Common Core can figure out his path to the 1237 needed to win, because none of us can!)

There you have it folks! My top 10 favorite, most important facts about a Trump Presidency. Ten GREAT things Trump will do as President of the United States of America! I know without a shadow of a doubt that Trump is a DOER and not just a TALKER! His actions speak louder than words. I hope everyone takes a good look at their candidate of choice to see if their candidate is a DOER or just your typical all talk, no action career politician! Our country can’t afford another 8 year mistake. Fact- if the wrong person is elected into office, we may not even have a country in 8 years! Especially if that person keeps the current administrations awful policies in place. Just think about it! IT’S NOW OR NEVER AMERICA!!!
Wake up folks! Our future is in your hands!

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  1. Trump is not perfect, but he is the very best possible choice we have. In fact the only chance America has to survive the ever surrounding leftist world that is advancing closer to taking freedom away from us. This is indeed serious!

  2. Keep swinging jill
    Its gonna be up to you young people to keep this fight going even after this election no matter the outcome !!
    Electing Trump must only be a piece in a complex puzzle to save america !!!

  3. This was a nice article, Jill. Concise and informative. This election, as with all, is very complex and there are many issues being thrown around like rag dolls. I believe you have placed a fine point on those issues that should be bubbling to the top of everyone’s agenda. You are correct when you say that only one of these candidates is truly addressing all of these issues; has not only identified the problem but provided a sensible solution. Go America! Vote Trump!

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