Is this Why Islam is Winning?

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by Wayne Simmes:

Today as I was driving to the grocery store, I was listening to Glen Beck on the radio. He was talking about the decline of Christianity in American life. He said that while 80% of Americans professed to be Christian only about 20% admitted to actually practicing that religion. I know that some of you will find that to be surprising but what I find surprising is that there are that many that believe they are following the example of Christ.

There was a time when people started their day with a prayer before breakfast, gave thanks to God before each meal and ended the day with prayer before retiring for the night. Children were taught to read from the Bible and were taught about the goodness that God had bestowed on them.

But that is so far in the past that it is hard to recall to mind. At some point, we stopped believing in God and turned ourselves over to the God of science. Now any mention of God or Christ in school is followed by the screams of separation of church and state. And incidentally, that phrase is nowhere to be found in our Constitution. But somewhere along the way, we began to believe that those words were embedded into our Government and that any mention of God was against some man-made law.

Now how does that contrast with the greatest danger that faces us today? I had the opportunity to visit Saudi Arabia, shortly after the first Gulf War. I went there in an effort to do some business with the Royal Family and got a firsthand view of their way of life.

And at this point I do want to let you know that getting into that country is far different from the open borders that we have in the United States. In order to get an 8 day Visa, I had to be sponsored by a member of the Royal family and had to sign a paper saying that I agreed to be beheaded if I was found to have drugs or alcohol in my possession while in the Kingdom. I was also warned that severe consequences would befall me if I was to criticize any member of the Royal family or George Bush.

So back to my main point. While we were there I observed that the people were required to cease all activities, five times each day to pray to Allah. It was not required for outsiders, such as me to participate, but we were expected to stand quietly while the prayer was offered. The citizens did not have the choice. Under severe penalty, they were required to participate.

So while our Government is moving further and further away from supporting the Freedom of Religion that is guaranteed in our Constitution, they are indoctrinating their people from the time that they are born in their religion.

And keep in mind that we are bringing thousands upon thousands of these devout people into our country every year, under the guise of being refugees. While our children move further away from God theirs move closer to Allah and his teachings of killing the infidel. And it would do well to remember that unless you are living under Sharia Law, you are the infidel.

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