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by Joshua Krishnamoorthi:

On November 28, the city of Hydrabad was busy and peak with more than 1500 business people and around ten thousand police personnel deployed at the event of visiting U.S. President Donald Trump’s adviser Ivanka Trump for the inauguration of Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 in India.

Entrepreneurs are invited to present their innovative ideas on select themes that include data application ,productivity, supply chain,service, defense and commercial and other field, a report said.


On a warm and colorful day, IVANKA TRUMP entered the summit dressed with a lovable simple appearance and Indian delegates welcomed her for the GES2017 with a warm reception.

Indian Prime Minister Modi and couple of Union Ministers and 1500 entrepreneurs attended the summit. Mr. Modi in his speech, called upon entrepreneurs from across the world to ”come, make in India, invest in India, for India and for the world.”

In the inaugural speech, Ivanka Trump praised Modi’s leadership and noted that how he became Prime minister from a tea seller in his childhood and he has proven that informational change is possible in the society .She highlighted the importance of education and technology for women entrepreneurs to make a mark in their chosen field and the environment in the country was right place to promote women entrepreneurs.

Give the Gift of TRUMP

The interesting theme of the summit is Women first, Prosperity For All !!!!

By J.krishna moorthi


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  1. Such a nice story and I like Ivanka. I think she is much better than Chelsea Clinton, who they are comparing her with. Your writing is improving day by day. Keep it up, Joshua!

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