Ilhan Omar Calls Conservative Supreme Court Justices ‘Sexual Predators’

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Ilhan Omar joined the Democrats Chuck Schumer, and Ayanna Pressley in attacking Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh

As we reported over the past few days Senate Minority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer threatened Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh at a pro-abortion rally being held in front of the Supreme Court.

In another story, we showed a video of the Democrats ‘Squad’ member Ayanna Pressley screeching “We Have Two alleged Conservative Sexual Predators On The Supreme Court.

The liberal Democrats reprehensible rally took place as the opening statements were being delivered in June Medical Services LLC v. Russo, to The Supreme Court justices.

The SCOTUS is currently considering the case that involves whether a Louisiana law requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital violates the “undue burden” test set forth by the 1992 Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision.

The Louisiana bill is similar to a Texas law the court struck down in a landmark 2016 decision. A lower court decided that the Louisiana law’s burden on women seeking abortions was different than Texas’ legislation.

Between Schumer’s stupidity and Pressley’s pandering to the abortionist supporters, this took away from many reporting about the Twitter rant from another Democratic Squad member Minnesota’s antisemitic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Ilhan Omar tweeted that the two conservative justices who were “accused sexual predators” should not have any say in the June Medical Services LLC v. Russo case.

Ilhan Omar began with two of the incessant mantras of the left regarding abortion:

In case you’ve forgotten, both Thomas and Kavanaugh were accused of sexual misconduct at convenient times during their Senate confirmation hearings.

In Thomas’ case, he was alleged to have sexually harassed former assistant Anita Hill.

In Kavanaugh’s case, there were allegations of sexual abuse by Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez. In both cases, the women came forward in the middle of confirmation hearings, which was interesting timing considering both men had been major figures for years.

These accusations, which became political footballs, are materially irrelevant to how either justice rules in the Louisiana case, of course.

They have nothing to do with the law. But Ilhan Omar doesn’t care.

Since the Democrats cannot control the Supreme Court, they’ve decided they’re going to attack, intimidate and destroy it.


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