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After rehearsing for the interview for weeks, Joe Biden most likely thought that his MSNBC interview would finally put the Tara Reade sexual assault allegations to bed.

Of course, that was before Joe Biden completely unraveled before our eyes.

Toward the end of his ‘Morning Joe‘ interview, the Democratic presidential frontrunner started looking less Presidential, and more panicked stricken child who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Mika Brzezinski, who looked throughout the interview as if she wanted to be anywhere else than asking Joe Biden about Tara Reade’s alleged sexual assault accusation.

Of course, that would be unusual for a reporter nabbing such a high-profile exclusive interview. But over the past few years has become a more commonplace reaction among today’s liberal-biased media when forced to ask questions like a legitimate news reporter.

Despite her apparent distress, by fake news media standards, Brzezinski, to the surprise of many Conservatives, conducted a decent interview. And for the most part asked Joe Biden legitimate questions.

But toward the end of the interview the ‘Morning Joe’ co-host asked Biden if he would allow the University of Delaware to conduct a search for any records connected to Tara Reade’s name in his personal archives? 

Joe Biden responded by looking very much like a man whose brain just imploded in on itself.

Brzezinski, likely wondering if Biden’s dementia was rearing its ugly head, repeated her question.

This time the former vice president became noticeably agitated giving Brzezinski a stumbling bumbling answer about Putin, personal conversations he had with Obama, and his records being used as cannon fodder.

But after Brzezinski reiterated “Why not asked the University of Delaware to do a search for Tara Reade’s name”? 

A clearly befuddled Joe Biden questioned, “Who does that search?”

A dumbfounded Brzezinski hysterically replied: “ummmmm, the University of Delaware”?

Joe Biden and The Democrats Are In Serious Trouble

The moment the interview went off script, and/or asked an obvious question that his campaign shockingly didn’t anticipate during their practice runs.

Joe Biden’s brain had a Chernobyl-like meltdown.

If this is how Clueless Joe will perform after two weeks of rehearsing for an interview with a friendly reporter.

Then God help Joe Biden when Donald Trump starts tearing into his egregious record as both a Senator and as Obama’s VP, during the nationally televised Presidential debates.

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