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Since the start of his 2020 Presidential run, Joe Biden has been telling anyone who’ll listen that his campaign’s platform called for ‘Unity’ and reuniting a divided America.
From the moment the media supposedly declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election, Biden has only reaffirmed his ‘Unity’ messaging.
For what its worth, Joe Biden, the Democrats, and the media also called for “Counting Every Vote,” and we know how well that worked out.
But if Joe Biden and his mainstream media minions are truly serious about uniting America, which I suspect they’re not, then maybe they could start with their La La Land celebrity supporters?

The Left’s Call For ‘Unity’ Is As Fradulant As The 2020 Presidential Election Results

Despite their belief that Joe Biden is now ‘President-Elect Joe Biden,‘ the left have shown they have no intention of closing the divide as they’ve continued to spew their extreme hate against those that have the audacity to disagree with a leftist group thing.

But while these Hollywood Hypocrites continue to scream the same hateful vile that they’ve been regurgitating since 2016. What they’ve proven is Joe Biden, and the Democrats’ message of ‘Unity’ is, and was, just another election year sham.

Democrats Know Nothing But Hate

On election day after Florida quickly showed that the Democrats supposed ‘Biden Blue wave landslide’ was a mirage. Actor John Leguizamo tweeted “Florida is dead to me!” Adding, “Let the lemmings drive their golf carts into the ocean!”

The Daily Show’s radical liberal leftist host Trevor Noah took things a step further, by putting out a graphic of Florida simply being blown up.

Of course, the moment it became clear that the Presidency wouldn’t be decided for days, if not weeks, the tolerant left really went overboard.

Even After Supposedly Winning, The Left Shows They’re Losers

On Wednesday, after the media shockingly declared Joe Biden, ‘President-Elect Joe Biden‘ he addressed the nation and called for people to “unite, to heal, to come together.”

Not surprising Biden’s message of ‘Unity’ fell on deaf ears. As his leftists’ loony-toon supporters continued to be triggered by the notion that over 70-million American voters had the audacity to disagree with them.

After what we’ve seen over the past four years, can anyone truly say that they’re shocked that despite supposedly winning the Presidency? Any public figure who is now advocating for peace between Republicans and Democrats are ridiculed and mocked by the left.

The latest example of the left’s hypocrisy came yesterday after pop star Katy Perry tried to encourage her fans to mend fences with family members who disagree with them politically.

Perry told her delusional 108.8 million Twitter followers on Sunday.

“The first thing I did when the presidency was called is text and call my family members who do not agree and tell them I love them and am here for them. Call your family today.”

Despite their calls for “unity” one question remains: How can there be unity when you clearly despise the very people that they’re calling to unite with?

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  1. I don’t tweet, so this was shocking to me, being only familiar with the leftists’ universal “love, understanding, and tolerance” of youtube (before I found

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