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President-elect Joe Biden nearly blew out another blood vessel in his eye as he furiously wailed that the pro-Trump supporters who breached and occupied the US Capitol on Wednesday shouldn’t be called protesters, but instead be called “domestic terrorists.”

Biden also slammed outgoing President Donald Trump for playing a role in the “chaos,” which saw Trump’s ‘Stop the Steal’ supporters force their way into the Capital which resulted in the temporary suspension of the congressional certification of Biden’s electoral college win.

Four people tragically died during the incident, one of whom, Air Force veteran and President Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt who was shot by Capitol Police.

Biden recalled what he thought of the participants by angrily screeching:

“They weren’t protesters. Don’t dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob, insurrectionists, domestic terrorists,” 

“For four years we have had a president who has made his contempt for our democracy, our constitution, the rule of law clear in everything he has done.”

They’re Domestic Terrorists

When It Came To BLM Joe Biden played dumb, or should that be played himself?

Biden’s angry outburst is made laughable knowing for months he sat silently in his basement while America watched in horror as the Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA mob rioted, looted, and burned their way through every major American city.

While campaigning from his basement, Joe Biden refused to condemn, or even acknowledge the BLM/ANTIFA riots taking place all across America.

On one of those rare occasions, he did speak, Joe Biden was addressing the violence that had taken place weeks after the horrific murder of George Floyd.

While Joe Biden never mentioned BLM or ANTIFA by name, he did make clear, albeit briefly, that there is no place for violence, looting, or the burning of black-owned businesses.

Instead, Joe Biden spent the majority of his speech excusing away the rioters’ actions by placing the blame for their violence solely on America’s systemic racism, racist Police forces, and shockingly, not shockingly, President Donald Trump.

Biden even went so far as to screech that while protesting in front of the White House, Trump ordered tear gas and flash-bang grenades to be used on peaceful protesters because “Trump wanted to do a photo-op”.

Of course, similar to Biden continually lying about what Trump said about Charlottesville.

Biden so too ignores the fact that those “peaceful protesters” he was defending actually provided the impetus for Trump’s photo-op.

The night before the Police were ordered to break up the supposed peaceful protest.

Those very same BLM/ANTIFA peaceful protesters were desecrating American flags, looting local stores, and attempting to burn down Washington DC’s historic St. John’s church.

Maybe Joe Biden’s dazed and confused state of mind failed to take notice of the fact that US Attorney General William Barr testified under oath that no tear gas was used on his supposed peace-loving protesters.

Barr also testified under oath that it was he, not President Trump, who ordered the police to clear 8th street and push the protesters toward adjoining streets.

And if that wasn’t enough Barr also testified he issued the order hours before President Trump even thought about taking his bible for a walk.

But to be fair.

Joe Biden may not have heard Barr’s testimony amidst his dimwitted Democrat colleagues screeching “Reclaiming My Time” every time Barr tried to respond to one of their delusional questions.

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  1. Funny how that works when the stuff you promoted more than a thousand miles away in America comes home to roost. Your bused in terrorist’s brought you a little taste of what’s been going on in the real America, and it don’t feel so good when it’s on your doorstep does it?

  2. While cities like Portland, Seattle, and Baltimore were under siege the rodents were “peaceful protesters”, but when the actions are those of an group angry about how the election was full of fraud, these people are “terrorists”? Karma is a real bitch

  3. Biden is the consummate fool and overlooks the burning of businesses across the country by calling them peaceful protests. Doesn’t he realize Antifa and Qanon were behind the destruction? Has he not listened to witnesses that identified the destructive people in DC as Antifa and Qanon? Has he not seen the photos of these people being confirmed by the DC and Capital police as being members of those terrorist groups? I know he is senile but his ability to overlook things he doesn’t want to believe is overwhelming. I hope the liberals are happy….they have just started the desecration and destruction of this wonderful country.

  4. Biden is a moron an a lying piece of chit ! He is an illegitimate president elect and deserves no respect !
    He WON NOTHING … it was handed to him on a platter of FRAUD ! He bragged about the Fraud …
    His EXACT WORDS follows :

    “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
    – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

  5. Hey Biiden you didn’t say shit when your paid goons burned Minneapolis over the death of a career criminal who ODed on drugs and would have died behind the wheel of a car and likely killed some innocent people, you said nothing when your criminals burned Seattle, and Portland, never heard a peep out of you during the riots and burning and bombing in Kenosha. But when what goes around comes around and hits close to home you are all up in arms and blame the man that tried to defuse the situation and asked people to not make trouble and cease and desist any violence. Hurts when it hits close to home don’t it?

  6. Biden is a tool of the Chinese, an extortionist of the Ukrainians, and a co-conspirator with his drug crazed son. You idiots made him the president. You’re ALL fired, get the hell out, now!

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