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by Kathy Crest:

Have you ever wondered how the United States could possibly be so in debt? Part of the problem stems from the fact that our own government is supplying weaponry to foreign nations, even to terrorists, in order to topple other governments.

Stockpiles of rifles, ammunition, sub-machine guns, M-16’s, U.S. tow missiles, and army tanks were found in warehouses in Syria this week, after defeated ISIS militants retreated from the area and headed back to Northern Iraq. Who paid for this artillery and how did it land in the hands of the most dangerous militants in the world?


ISIS is short for “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”. The group gained global prominence in early 2014 and has been deemed a terrorist organization by the United Nations. ISIS is well known for the beheadings of innocent civilians, and torturous murders of Christians around the world. They have gone to such lengths as burning people alive, and have used dunk tanks to drown numerous victims at once. They videotape the brutal murders, then post them on the internet for all to see. By 2015, ISIS had operations in over 18 countries and a yearly budget of 1 billion dollars. Over 30,000 militants had joined the group. So now the question becomes, where does a terrorist organization get so much artillery AND so much money?

ISIS began its reign of terror by asking small business owners for money. If they refused, they would soon find a bomb ignited outside their workplace, set off as a warning to what was yet to come. The owner of a grocery store in Mogul recounted how he had been the victim of such an act, saying, “If a person still refused after the warning, they kidnapped him and asked his family to pay ransom.” Another store owner, who ultimately closed his business out of frustration and fear said, “The tax system was well-organized. They took money from small merchants, petrol station owners, generator owners, small factories, big companies, even pharmacists and doctors.” This merchant later became a taxicab driver to avoid ISIS threats.


As ISIS began to gain control of cities and regions, their need for money grew. They set up road blocks, much like our toll roads, forcing drivers to pay up if they wanted to continue down their path. Drivers who resisted would quickly find a gun pointed at their head, so this was not a choice but a mandate.

When more money was needed to operate and fighters began to demand more of a salary, leaders of the terrorist organization set their sites on the oil industry. They began taking over refineries and soon had control of five oil fields. They also stepped up their game by kidnapping figures whom they knew would bring in large ransoms. A German magazine called FOCUS once paid $18 million for the release of four French hostages who had been held by ISIS. ABC News once reported that a female aid worker from the U.S. had been kidnapped and held for ransom, and the group demanded $6.6 million dollars.

ISIS was also known to rob banks or completely overtake them. They received substantial amounts of money through these tactics, although the exact amount is unknown. Another form of “fundraising” came from stolen relics and artifacts that were sold on the black market. By 2015, the incoming revenue of ISIS was estimated at $50 million dollars PER MONTH!

So how is it that a terrorist group such as this was allowed to grow into such a large organization? President Obama “appeared” to be fighting the militants, but never seemed to gain control of the fight. President Trump on the other hand, has managed to force the retreat of ISIS by killing many of the group’s leaders and militants, and has done so in less than a year in office. Could it be that Obama was not interested in stopping the terror and only pretended to be engaged in a battle against the group?

As Trump campaigned for the presidency, he made the claim that Obama and Hillary Clinton had “created” ISIS. The main stream media was quick to show its outrage, and reporters did their best to refute the accusations. They attempted to defend Obama and Hillary, but by this time, voters had begun to realize that their own government had gone awry. The death of our ambassador in Benghazi and three other brave men, had been covered up by the media, and by this time most of us had learned the truth. It was apparent that the United States had in fact been sending weaponry and financial support to Syrian militants, in an effort to overthrow the anti-ISIS Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. He was portrayed a dictator whom we were told was using chemical agents against his own people. These Syrian militants were terrorists themselves and the United States was spending taxpayer dollars to train them to fight ISIS.  But ISIS would soon gain control over them, and their weapons and tanks would soon become the possession of the caliphate. Many of the Syrian militants would join ISIS and increase its strength.

This tactic has long been used by governments around the world who attempt to take over other countries or regions. They deceive the public, selling them false excuses to go to war. The recent release of documents from the Kennedy assassination give us an in depth look at just how far our own government was willing to go in order to take control of Cuba and to start World War 3. Our intelligence agencies together with politicians had come up with a plan to convince war weary Americans to overtake the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro. They would create false flag terror attacks on U.S. soil, as well as military posts outside the U.S., then blame the attacks on Cuba. The same type of ruse would be tried to sell a war with Russia. Kennedy put a stop to the plans, and may have been murdered for this decision. These attacks would have resulted in the loss of untold amounts of innocent lives, but this did not resonate with those in charge. Their only concern was going to war, because wars fill the pockets of those who create them.

It has long been suspected that Hillary Clinton was running weapons to the Syrian militants through Benghazi, but it is not known whether our ambassador was involved in it, or if he was murdered because he found out about it. Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta, is now suspected of accepting large sums of money that came in the form of donations from the Saudi Arabian government. Twenty million dollars exchanged hands after it was funneled into Hillary’s campaign through Saudi leaders, many of whom were just arrested. It has been suggested that John Podesta’s brother, Tony Podesta, was being paid large sums of money by Saudi leaders to “quiet” the media who had been reporting on the many Saudi air strikes in Yemen, which were killing thousands of innocent civilians. Saudi officials wanted control of Yemen, a small country rich with oil and minerals, but they didn’t want the bad publicity stemming from it. Was Tony Podesta paying off the main stream media to keep silent about the attacks, then giving Hillary’s campaign millions of dollars to operate?  It would appear this was the case.

Many of the weapons found this week in Syria were boxed in containers marked “U.S. PROPERTY”. Were they meant to end up in the hands of ISIS?  How many times has the U.S. funded these types of operations that attempt to take control of foreign nations or to stop a leader who might have good intentions? Hillary Clinton is also responsible for the overthrow of the Libyan government after Muammar Gaddafi was hunted down and executed. Media reports labeled Gaddafi a brutal dictator who was guilty of slaying countless numbers of innocent civilians, but scores of first hand reports from scholars and diplomats paint a different picture. Gaddafi had warned of an ISIS takeover, and had spoke highly of Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad’s attempt at taking out the terrorist organization.

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It is no wonder Hillary Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama are terrified of Donald Trump. He is after the truth, something that has been denied the citizens of this country for years. Imagine the financial toll this kind of activity has cost the American taxpayer. It is no wonder we are $20 trillion in debt. Our government has gone rogue, and the leaders who comprise it have used war as a means to control other nations, and to gain financial strength for themselves, while the citizens who fund their corruption suffer. Hillary Clinton’s so called “foundation” received hundreds of millions of dollars after she arranged the sale of 20% of our uranium to Russia, a commodity not plentiful in America, and one that we often must import. The FBI was investigating this deal, when they suddenly turned their heads and allowed the sale to commence. It was covered up for years, as people were paid off and everyone involved assured that Hillary would be the next president. No one would dare to challenge her or mention the deal, and if they did, they would quickly be discredited by the corrupt media.  But that has all changed now that we have a new sheriff in town. These crimes that have gone unpunished for so long are now front and center. Hillary Clinton is being thrown under the bus as the other guilty parties try to cover their own tracks. But Donald J. Trump is no fool. He is working tirelessly to see that these people are brought to justice. Time will tell if he succeeds, and in the meantime he will be described by the media and politicians as unfit to serve this great nation. It has been a long time since we have had an honorable president in the White House. If Trump can bring these people to justice, he will go down as the greatest president of all time.


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    • I don’t know. I am thinking he is playing the left. I could be wrong, but I think he and Trump are working together in the greatest sting operation ever. We are witnessing all these Hollywood stars being brought out in the limelight that shows their true colors. Now we are seeing the same thing happening to politicians. Most of them are pedophiles that are involved in a ring that will ultimately bring them down. For some reason people are willing to overlook corruption, but they are not going to put up with a bunch of child raping Satanists.

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