How Many Do You Remember?

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by Wayne Simmes:

Today is a day that has been set aside for the remembrance of those that have died in combat, in keeping our country free.  I heard a quote this morning while watching Fox News that there have been more than 1 million that have died in the various wars that our country has fought.  I thought that sounded like a low number since I knew that over 600,000 died in the Civil War alone.

Well, I am not one to let something like that stay unanswered so I did a little research and I came up with 1,312,000 that have died in just the wars that you might recall.  The vast majority of those were in the Civil War 620,000, World War I 116,708, World War II 420,000, Korea 36,900 and Viet Name 58,220.

Add to those, The American Revolution, 25,000, The War of 1812 15,000, The Mexican War 13,200, The Spanish-American War 3,000, Granada 19, Panama Invasion 23, Desert Storm 383 and 4,424 in Iraq and Afghanistan since the attacks on September 11, 2001.

If might surprise some, that more Americans were killed in the Civil War than in World War II, but you must remember that every soldier that died in the Civil War was an American.  And the battles in that war were some of the bloodiest in history.  One need look no further than Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg.  Lee orders Pickett’s Division, about 15000 men to charge the Union Position in the face of Cannon across open ground.  Later when Lee saw Pickett with tears streaming down his face he orders him back to his division.  Pickett’s reply, “I no longer have a division.”

And far more American’s died in the various Indian Wars.  Keep in mind that the settlers were not the only Americans killed in those wars.  The Indians were perhaps more American than the whites.  And no estimates of Indian deaths could I find.

So while you are enjoying your burgers and hotdogs, take time to give a little prayer for the many more than a million who have died so that you could be free on this day.  And please take a few more moments to remember the thousands of police and firefighters that have died to keep you safe.

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