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Lock downs seem to be precautionary. What if I told you there may be an ulterior motive.

Have you heard claims that riots are being staged by the Democrats to make it appear Trumps America is in chaos? I was in one and I’m here to tell you these claims are true.

As my neighborhood broke out into a war zone we began to see behavior from our city few got to actually witness. Violent anarchy groups moved in with their own fake Black Lives Matter march and cleared the streets of cars as others in the groups began to break windows and light fires. Gangs of cars moved in and began looting businesses, destroying public property, and lighting fires. All hell broke loose.

The most shocking part about this fourty two minute attack on our street? The cops sat around the corner the entire time. Why would they not help? The Mayor of Los Angeles ordered them to stand down and let it happen. Our own city leaders that were elected to serve and protect us, failed us. If I pay taxes to have the cops protect me, why am I being left to defend myself the moment I need them?

In my opinion from my own first hand experience this was a hero scheme. The mayor likely traded our wellbeing to gain political points within the Democratic Party for his future aspirations. They used Democratic cities to start fires they could then put out themselves to appear as heroes to minority groups. We now know the only communities that were defunded after the riots were communities of color and the protections in place to protect them from harm and systemic racism. (Fun fact, systemic racism really exists and it was created by Democrats)

And now to my main point. Many business owners, citizens, landlords, would like to publicly shame our mayor for what he allowed to happen to us. He promised to help rebuild and repair but all that has really been offered from the city is a door or window repair. This is an insult to those whose businesses were completely looted, destroyed, and in some cases burned to the ground. The silence from ALL democrats when it has come to helping these destroyed businesses has been deafening.

Due to social distancing lockdowns we are unable to attend City Council meeting that are televised all across Southern California where we would normally be able to voice our distaste for what is going on. Our voice against the tyranny that was unleashed upon us in this obvious scheme against Trump and American values is being silenced because if our witness statements were televised to the nation, the nation would stop seeing Trump as a villain and start seeing the real villain and their fight for control.

Dear Mr. Garcetti, and Democratic Party, we will not be silenced. We will not have our right to speak taken away. We will find other options. The greatest threat to this nation right now is not a virus, it is your manipulation of it to regain control of a broken system that has been pouring money into your pockets at the expense of middle and lower class citizens. Sincerely an ex Democrat.

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