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Lately, we’ve seen scores of venom hurled at statues of Robert E. Lee, both in literal insults — and figuratively, with their forcible toppling by Antifa and thugs who represent Black Lives Matter. No matter how one feels about his role in the American Civil War, I contend that before passing judgment, we should consider the times in which Lee lived.
But first, let’s get put one matter into proper perspective. Robert E. Lee, or “Marse Lee” as his soldiers reverently called him, was a product of Virginia. And when Virginia seceded from the Union in April 1861, Lee could not bear the thought of taking up arms against his own beloved people, whom he referred to as “his countrymen.” Therefore, he resigned his commission from the Federal army, even after declining an offer to become commander-in-chief charged with the responsibility of breaking the Confederacy. Back in that era, believe it or not, most folks in the loosely-joined United States were more loyal to their own state than to the Union itself.

Much later, after the terrible carnage of the American Civil War had raged for almost four years, General Lee led the remnants of his once proud Army of Northern Virginia to the vicinity of Appomattox Courthouse, and there on April 09, 1865, he surrendered. General Ulysses S. Grant granted his Southern counterpart most favorable terms by following the advice of President Lincoln, when he said “Let ‘em up easy.”
What is not known by many is that before Lee agreed to surrender, he was encouraged by many of his advisors and generals to continue onward. “We’ll disband the regular units, adopt tactics of guerrilla warfare” they argued, “and we’ll eventually win the war because the enemy (the North) will get tired of the blood-letting and just give up.”

Lee, however, would have no part of this proposal. He responded that the South had been beaten on the field of battle by a superior Northern force, and it had come time to accept the inevitable. His troops, he said, had fought gallantly, but now they should return to their families and start the rebuilding process. And that’s how it went. Lee accepted defeat with grace and humility, choosing to return to civilian life rather than prolonging a war that would have ended with the same outcome.
Page forward to the hard-fought 2016 presidential campaign and to the debates where Hillary Clinton pushed hard for candidate Donald Trump to confirm that he would accept the final decision if the election went her way. And soon after Trump became president-elect, Clinton began to question the results as she does through today. Clinton’s attitude and actions unquestionably spawned the Resistance Movement which has wreaked havoc throughout the nation and caused irreparable damage, both in loss of property and human lives. For that, she deserves full credit!

The former first lady continues to offer up the notion that President Trump will not willingly vacate the White House should he lose the Election of 2020. This is utter nonsense, and proves to me and hopefully to you, that Clinton and her Marxist cohorts are not worthy of carrying the water for the likes of General Robert E. Lee, who knew when it was time to quit and FINALLY GO HOME!

So it is with Joe Biden, whom Hillary Clinton and the rest of the troublemakers mentioned above will surely flock to and support with their entire being, not so much that he represents their choice of candidates, but because he’s their only remaining shot this cycle at turning our constitutional republic into one that more resembles the governments of Cuba and Venezuela. Make no mistake; the soul of America is in peril. And for that reason, we must band together and re-elect President Donald J. Trump.

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