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by Wayne Simmes:

The Democrats were out of options in stopping the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  The Republicans had the majority and the votes and it was only a matter of time before he was confirmed and seated on the highest court in the land.

But then miraculously, Dianne Feinstein got a letter detailing a woman’s claim that Kavanaugh had tried to sexually assault her when she was in high school over 30 years prior.  The woman asked that Feinstein not release her name and Feinstein claims that she followed that request.  She has no idea how the New York Times got hold of that letter.  I imagine she has some beach front property in Arizona to sell you as well.

So the gist of Ford’s claim is that although she cannot remember where the party was, how she got to the party or how she got home from the party, she is positive that a drunken Kavanaugh tried to sexually assault her and though he was not successful in his efforts it so scarred her mind that she blacked the episode out of her memory for years, telling nobody that it had happened.

I am sure that many people find that story completely unbelievable but the Democrats says that we have to believe the accuser over the accused since abused women always tell the truth.  Now that is pure nonsense but if you fail to believe this woman, you also have to wonder what her motive might be for lying about this alleged incident.

So try this scenario on for size.  Imagine that there is a young girl that has a schoolgirl crush on an upperclassman.  This boy is into sports and is very popular.  He has his choice of any girl he wants and is friends with a great many boys and girls.  Also, imagine that the girl in question is extremely homely.  If you have seen her yearbook photos you don’t have to imagine that.  And so Kavanaugh totally ignores all her efforts to attract his attention.

But Christine Blasey Ford does not give up easily.  She fantasizes about him and she dreams about him.  She is not accepted by the crowd that Kavanaugh hangs with but she learns as much as she can about them hoping to find some way to get close to him.  But nothing she tries works.  She is still ignored by the object of her secret affection.  As the years go by, her crush turns to hatred.  And the more time that passes her hatred burns hotter.  She swears that she will get even with this man that has spurned her affection.

Perhaps she now imagines that Kavanaugh was in fact attracted to her, so much so in fact that he wanted her so badly that at an imaginary party they were both at he tried to rape her.  Now that thought grows in her mind to replace the more horrible idea that Kavanaugh couldn’t stand to be with her.

This thought grows and grows until she seeks therapy to be able to handle them.  They are so burned into her mind that she actually believes her own lie.  And finally, she is able to tell this therapist about this alleged incident.  Her only problem is that the only part of her story that she dwelled on enough to be convincing about is that it was Kavanaugh that tried to assault her.

She did not think through the story enough to plant a date, time, location, how she got to the party or how she got home.  If you listened to the testimony she gave it should have brought up questions about her truthfulness.  She said that she rushed out of the house not going into any other room.  Well, if that is the case how did she contact someone to pick her up and take her home?  There were no cell phones that a common person would have had access to.  So how did she call for a ride?

In an effort to try and support her claim, she mentioned some of the people that would have been in Kavanaugh’s circle of friends, saying they were there at the time.  The problem is they disavow any knowledge of the party or the alleged assault.  Even her own friend that she said had knowledge of the incident, says she knows nothing about it.

And now another of her friends has come forward to say that Ford lied repeatedly during her Senate testimony.  Ford told Senators that she had to drive across country because she was afraid to fly, but her friend says that is a blatant lie.  She flies all the time.  Ford also said that she was terrified to be in any room with only one door, but this same friend says they are together in rooms with only one door all the time.

When this story first broke, I wrote an article in which I wanted to believe that Ford actually believed what she was saying.  However, now that I have heard her lie about one thing after another, I have to recant my belief in her innocence.  I now believe that she hates Kavanaugh for ignoring her all those years ago and will now do everything she can to destroy Kavanaugh’s life.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

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