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By Kathy Crest:

Russia, Russia, Russia. For the past year, it’s all we’ve heard about. Russian collusion. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin interfering in the election and causing Hillary Clinton to lose. But Hillary’s own emails have finally come back to haunt her, and my how the tables have turned.

The Democrats are masters at blaming their opponents for that which they, themselves, are guilty of. It seems to be a secret code among them, and they stick together like glue to protect each other. But their house of cards is crumbling, and this could be the end of the Democratic party as we know it.

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There was no collusion between President Trump and Russia. There never was, and everyone in DC knew it. But when Democrats lost the election, they knew they were in BIG trouble. Their corruption over the past 8 years had just become a major threat to their very existence. What happened? Hillary asked in her new book. She thought she had it in the bag. She knew she was going to be the next president, because she had people working behind the scenes who were prepared to rig the final numbers, if need be.

Here was a woman who couldn’t get 300 people to show up to her campaign events. If you go back and review the tapes of the last few she held, you will see teenagers mixed into the small group who had come to listen to her. She had to bus in high school students to help fill the seats, while her opponent, Donald Trump, was selling out to crowds of ten to fifteen thousand wherever he went. He held 3-4 events in a day. He was on fire.

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On election night, we watched from our televisions one of the most nerve wracking elections in history. It seemed to drag on forever as the votes in many key states would climb, and then stop. How could the numbers get up to 80 and 90%, and then just stop, suspended in time? Ten o’clock went by, then it was 1 A.M. It had to be called, but no one wanted to call it. By 3 A.M Arizona time, my husband, son and I could finally put our hearts back in our chest. Donald Trump had one, and THANK GOD, Hillary Clinton had lost.

She was so furious that she couldn’t even address the supporters who had stayed up all night in hopes of celebrating the first woman president. Some say she threw a royal fit backstage. She couldn’t believe it was happening again, and at that moment she knew she had been had. But by whom?

An FBI informant came out after the election with some very interesting news. He spoke to a major alternative news source and told how the CIA had planned to rig the election, if need be, as they were prepared to hack into the computers and hand the election to Hillary. But a few “good guys”, as the informant called them, from the FBI had other plans. He said they couldn’t stand the thought of 8 more years of Obama, which is what they felt it would be if Hillary Clinton was to “win”. So they devised a plan of their own.

They waited and watched for any sign of computer hacking. When they saw it coming down the wire, they knew what they had to do. They were working with the military, and they had a jet ready and waiting. It would lift off, armed with a missile, and sent on a mission to CIA headquarters. When it arrived, one of the FBI ‘good guys’ would make the call. “Pull back on the hack, or your building will be blown to bits.” The rest is history.

When I heard this story, I thought to myself, “Could this really be true?” But then I thought back to that night and how the votes stopped calculating. I had even said to my husband, “Do you suppose they are trying to rig it?” Although I said it jokingly, deep down I was scared to death that that was exactly what they were doing.

I remember watching Fox News a month or so later, and they reported that Hillary Clinton had hired staff members prior to the election, and many of them had rented apartments in DC. They also reported that Hillary had hired several top notch attorneys from New York prior to the election, who had given their notice at their law firms, and now were out of jobs as their firms had hired replacements. Then I heard she had purchased a million-plus dollar home right next to the White House that would house her top staff members. It was then that I thought to myself, “That FBI informant was telling the truth!”

Was this how Barrack Hussein Obama won HIS elections? I couldn’t help but ask myself. Was this why he was so arrogant in his actions and so incredibly bold with his agenda? Did he know, like Hillary THOUGHT she knew, that his election was a sure bet? It all started to make sense.

They didn’t care about being exposed. In fact, they seemed to relish in their criminal actions and knowing the American¬† people couldn’t do a darn thing about it. They were invincible, or so they thought, and they enjoyed slapping us in the face with their blatant lies and deceit.

But now they needed a plan, and they needed it FAST. Donald Trump was in THEIR White House, and he was soon to learn all their secrets. They couldn’t let that happen. He would destroy everything they had worked on for the past 8 years. It was the perfect plan, but those “good guys” blew it all.

WikiLeaks was their first thorn. Julian Assange had emails, lots of emails, and they were damning. They would prove that the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz had rigged the primary election against Bernie Sanders. Again, I thought to myself, “If they were planning to rig the primary, of course they were planning to rig the general.” The media barely acknowledged the scandal. They never do when it negatively affects a Democrat.

Someone was hacking into the Democrat’s emails, and sending them to WikiLeaks. THIS is where the Russia scandal began. But it wasn’t the Russians doing the hacking. It was one of the Democrat’s own. Possibly two. One is now dead, the other in jail awaiting trial on bank fraud. The dead man, Seth Rich, would see his life cut short for what he had done. The other man, a Pakistani employee of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is involved in a whole different scandal, is thought to have stolen over 4 million dollars from the federal government.

Someone came up with the idea of Russian collusion. Blame it all on Trump. Throw the ball in HIS court and let him try to weasel his way out of it. Obama had been illegally wire tapping Trump for 6 months, trying to come up with “something” to use against him, but he had nothing. But still we were told there was plenty of evidence to prove his guilt. A year later, we have yet to see it.

But what we have seen, is more emails. Hillary Clinton’s emails. The ones she said under oath that she had given to congressional hearing officers. The same ones she “thought” she had destroyed. They would prove who was really involved in a Russian scandal. And she was right smack dab in the middle of it.

Hillary Clinton arranged for the sale of 1/5th of our uranium to Vladimir Putin in a deal known as Uranium One. In return, Russia would “donate” millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton would also receive a half million dollars for a “speaking engagement”, that was nothing more than a ploy. The deal was illegal as hell, but Obama and the DOJ turned their heads, as did the media. In fact, Loretta Lynch forced an FBI informant who “knew too much” to sign a non-disclosure statement, that has forced him into silence, but that just might change now.

The informant wants to speak. He wants to tell his story. It just might turn the Russia scandal into the biggest story since Watergate, and make that look like small potatoes. Hillary is still asking “WHAT HAPPENED?” She might want to look at her bank statements for her so called “foundation” for the answer to that question. She had also better think about getting a very good tax attorney, as she forgot to list much of this money on her tax return.

Once again, the main stream media is silent, at least on this story. Instead they are bringing out sex allegations in Hollywood, hoping to over shadow their precious heinous’ downfall. They know what a scam artist she is, and how hard it is getting to protect her.


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