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by Jeffrey M. Gresio:

Ladies and gentlemen, my dear readers, and any and all who venture upon my words, I need you all to put on your aluminum tinfoil thinking caps and take a mind walk with me through perhaps, the greatest psy-ops chess match ever played in history.

Not since Byrne vs. Fischer in (1956), or Deep Blue vs. Kasparov in (1996), has this level of chess been played.  And never has there ever been this much at stake over a single game.

Who are the players you ask?  On the board, the black pieces are represented by the Deep State and the Worldwide Cabal.  The white pieces are represented by Donald J Trump, his Administration and U.S. Military Intelligence.

The first move was a classic move, and is hereby and forever referred to as the Trump Escalator move.  Whereby June 16, 2015, Donald Trump announced he was running for president.

The Left deciding by July of 2016 that Trump is a threat to their candidate Hitlery R Clinton, accept the Novice Politician’s challenge and make their move.  On July 5th, then FBI Director James Comey goes on national T.V. and exonerates Hitlery, clearing the way for her Presidential run by lifting the black cloud that overshadowed her campaign. Just days after Carter Page’s high-profile trip to Moscow in July 2016, the Trump campaign adviser had his first encounter with Stefan Halper, a University of Cambridge professor with CIA and MI6 contacts.  It’s later discovered that Halper is a spy planted in the Trump Campaign by the Deep State and FBI.

(It has been rumored and suggested by Sarah Carter and others that the investigation into Trump Campaign may have started as early as May 2016.)

By July 31, of that same month, “Crossfire Hurricane” is officially launched against the Trump team.  In August the DNC declares that their servers had been hacked by the Russians. (The DNC never turned over the servers for investigation. The FBI relied on independent source hired by the DNC for identification of hackers.)

This opening gambit by the Deep State in opposition to Trump’s opening move is called, The Russian Fake.

Candidate Trump clears all GOP opposition by destroying his fellow rivals for the highest office in the land by labeling them one by one.  Chopping off their heads in clear Highlander style in open debate until he emerges as the clear front runner. For their can be only one.

The Left, realizing they need to get out ahead of Trump deploy the, A Bird in the Hand, is Worth Two in the Bush, move.  They release the Billy Bush tape from years back, where Billy Bush and civilian Trump are engaged in typical private guy talk, (or so they thought) measuring each other’s dicks and discussing their prowess with women.   The whole conversation was thought to be off mic.  But, the still on mic picked up Donald Trump saying how he liked the Birds and grabbing their Bush.  (Euphemisms intentional)

The point of course was to paint Trump as a Misogynistic Pig, destroying his image with women, the religious right and ultra conservatives.  They hoped to bully him out of the running by embarrassing him and his family by tarnishing his famous image.

Added to that, the Deep State, NWO, Quasi-Conservatives, better known as the Never-Trumpers jumped on the Hitlery Band Wagon, denouncing Trump and declaring the virtues of Hitlery.  George Will, Charlie Sykes, Erick Ericsson, both George Bushs and Bill Kristol to name but a few.

I know some of you are saying by now, but we know all this.  Bear with me friends, I’m laying the groundwork for what is to come.

But of course what the Left had not counted on were all those Americans they had disenfranchised, ignored, looked over, double dealt and lied to the past eight years or so.

They thought they had gotten away with disgracing our law enforcement and our military.  They thought it had gone unnoticed the way they skirted the law.  They thought that crapping on the middle class and pandering to the dregs of society, the sexually disoriented, illegals, street thugs and gangs was enough to keep them in power.

What they didn’t know was we were paying attention. And we were waiting. Waiting for someone to come along with BIG BALLS, to stand up to them.  Someone who would call them out and tell them to their face what we all knew them to be.  We were waiting for a LEADER!  And Donald Trump turned out to be such a man.

We could care less about some locker room talk. The best leaders have always been rough around the edges.  Trump was a tireless fighter, he didn’t back down.  He took the ground ahead of him and kept moving forward.  He was smart, and knew his enemy.

The Left made their play, and under estimated their opponent.  They thought they had the game won.  They, in their arrogance, got lax and sloppy, figuring she couldn’t lose. But Trump swooped in and took their queen, placing himself prominently on the board as king, by winning the election to the office of The President of the United States.

The Left were dumb founded, and gobsmacked.  How could it be, their queen had been removed off the board.  Their hopes and absurdity of world domination had just been derailed.  All their years of preparation and infiltration had hit a major speed bump.

What to do, what to do?  No way this neanderthal could remain and serve as POTUS.  There had to be an end and solution to this!

They reached into their bag of tricks and decided on a desperation move.  The ol’ phony, fake, and fallacious frame job.  Create a story so heinous, disgusting and repulsive, that no one would or could hitch their pony to it without risk of embarrassment, or character assassination.  The Steele Dossier move.  Extreme sexual impropriety with a measure of Russian collusion for flavoring.

Surely Trump would resign rather than take the media flogging and carnival freak show that would follow, forever tarnishing his reputation and name.  After all, who would want to suffer such indignation?

Once again, in a brilliant counter move, the now President Trump, caught them flat footed and called their bluff. He again stood up to them and called out the media, emboldening his claims of fake news against the media.

What the Left didn’t know was that the Military, whom the Obama administration and Hitlery and Kerry State Departments took great care in embarrassing and humiliating every chance they could, stood firmly, and staunchly behind President Trump from the moment he placed his foot on the escalator.

And they, (Military Leaders, Admirals and Generals) themselves had been conducting a counterintelligence operation against the deep state this whole time, watching and keeping the President’s back.  They had been recording, gathering, collecting and tracking.

As part of Trump’s move against the Steele Dossier and as part of the counterintelligence move against the Deep State, Jeff Sessions recused himself from Russia probe and investigation.  This allowed him to move about under the radar and the media.

Trump and Sessions played it beautifully, with Trump from time to time tweeting his feigned anger.  Sessions coming back with righteous indignation.  That was all for the public ya’ll.  If Trump really wanted to chastise Sessions, all he would have to do is pick up the phone.

It was a brilliant play.  It put Rod Rosenstein in charge of the Mueller probe and investigation who the press and left loves, and gave cover to Sessions, who at the time the press and Left hated. But now love.

But I get ahead of myself.  Because first came the firing of Comey for his handling of the FBI’s investigation of the Hillary Clinton email controversy and in 2017 for the FBI’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections as it related to possible collusion with the 2016 Donald Trump campaign.

This is where the Left made their move, because Rod Rosenstein, using the IG report based on their investigation into the Hitlery investigation recommended Comey’s firing to the President.  Which he did.

Then the Left, by some finagling by Comey leaking his memos got Rosenstein to open a special investigation into POTUS for Russian collusion and the Steele Dossier. And even threw in, that President Trump was trying to interfere with an ongoing investigation by firing Comey.  All in an attempt to get Trump to resign or lead to impeachment.  Thus eliminating Trump and again moving to recapture power and further the Lefts and NWO agenda.

Now, here is where it gets squirrelly.  Remember when they were searching for Comey’s replacement, POTUS had a FOUR hour meeting with Mueller?

President Donald Trump interviewed Robert Mueller as a potential replacement for fired FBI Director James Comey the day before the former FBI director was named special counsel.  Except Mueller wasn’t eligible to be considered for FBI Director, due to fact he had already exceeded the 10 year limit on holding that office in his previous appointment as FBI Director.

What if POTUS knew he was going to be named special counsel, it is unlikely Mueller divulged that information to Trump. CNN had reported at the time that the White House was given only a brief heads up that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was naming Mueller to oversee Russian interference in the 2016 election and potential collusion from Trump’s campaign associates.

What if POTUS knowing that Mueller was Rosenstein’s boy, called him to the White House, under the guise of being considered for FBI Director, only to for four hours lay out the very strong case POTUS, Military Intelligence and the Justice Department had against Mueller for Corruption, Sedition, Treason, and being part of a plot to assassinate a sitting president?

And, what if it was made very clear to Mueller, that if he wanted to save his neck from the hangman’s noose, he better play ball!  A most brilliant counter-counter intelligence move.

Now, understand, if President Trump is to make good on his promise to drain the swamp, the biggest obstacle to that end is the Justice system.  What has President Trump accomplished in his almost first 2 years?  Removing all those at the Top of the DOJ and FBI, with the exception of Rosenstein.  And once the FISA Declassification happens it will be fare-the-well Mr. Rod (Rut-Ro) Rosenstein, leaving only Mueller to close down shop and be done.

Ever wonder why after two years of the Bob Mueller investigation not a single shred of evidence was discovered, besides the fact there was none, but the investigation continued?  Except for Papadopoulos (2 week sentence), Paul Manafort (completely unrelated charges) and Cohen (completely unrelated charges), needed to keep up appearances and keep probe open.

What about Carter Page and General Flynn, you ask?  Their charges will all be dropped.

So what was the Mueller team really doing all this time?  Ever wonder why President Trump keeps referring to Mueller Probe as a WITCH-HUNT?  President Trump as some of my readers are aware chooses his words very carefully.  Something that is totally lost on the Left.

What if the witch-hunt was really hunting for a witch?  What if the Deep States created Special counsel, created to dig up dirt on President Trump got flipped?  What if, while keeping up appearances of digging up dirt on President Trump, in reality the Mueller team, in conjunction with IG Michael Horowitz and later added Special Investigator John Huber has been working on investigating Hitlery  (The Witch) Clinton and other factions of the Deep State and global Cabal?

By the way, this was the Flip-the-Switch move.

I need you to adjust your aluminum tinfoil thinking caps and think.  Has ever in our nation’s history all the leadership post at the FBI, DOJ and the head of the CIA all been fired or stepped down at essentially same time?  Has ever so many Senators, and congressmen ever stepped down or declined to continue to run for their seats in less than a two year period?  Has ever been a time that so many Corporate, Financial and Banking heads have stepped down from their key post?  Has there ever been a time that so many human trafficking and pedophilia rings have been busted and arrest made?  Coincidence?

And you ain’t seen nothing yet!  It’s being reported that people like Loretta Lynch, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and a host of others are flipping faster than hot cakes at IHOP.

Panic is filling the hearts, minds and the streets of D.C..  The Deep State is scared.  And that is going to make for a bumpy and turbulent time ahead.  You think the Left is unglued now?

President Trump has all but cleared the board. Once the FISA request and texts are declassified and Kavanaugh nominated it will be CHECKMATE!!

But I must warn you, once that happens be prepared for a huge false-flag event coming from the Deep State such as a large worldwide event, like a EMP Explosion to cut communications, or an attempt to trigger a War Event.  All as distraction and cover to hide the RATS fleeing the ship.

Why?  Because after FISA D-class, and Kavanaugh confirmation, the 50,000+ sealed Federal indictments will begin to be unsealed like the breaking of the Seals in the book of Revelation.  Poured our like a biblical plague upon the Left.

Why do you suppose President Trump will be testing the Wireless Emergency System in October?  Coincidence?

The More You Know!  Enjoy the show.

Trust God and keep your powder dry.

Pray for our President and his administration.

God bless America and Patriots Worldwide.

#Covfefe #WWG1WGA #KAG


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