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by Jeffrey M. Gresio:

To all those seeking to disconnect from the MATRIX, and are thinking about taking the Red Pill, or to those who wish to no longer be a slave of the BORG masters, and want a way to leave the collective, it comes at a price.

You must be ready to be ridiculed, called names and become targets of the Left.

You will be characterized as a deranged cult member.  You will be called a dupe, fanatic, and mindless follower.  You will be seen as a violent, anti-American, Pro-Trump extreme fringe element.  You will be lumped in with smelly, Walmart shopping, deplorable, flag loving, God fearing, gun clinging,  white privileged, xenophobic, child hating, fascist.

But nothing would be further from the truth.  What you would be is a part of the greatest movement in our life time.  And witness to the most epic historic happening since our forefathers stood up to the British tyranny of King George, and said, we’re not going to take your crap anymore!

You would have first hand knowledge of the events being played out, a play by play commentary, as well as clues to what to expect and who the good and bad actors are.  You would be privy to secrets and happenings the Left and mockingbird media don’t want you to know.

You will receive truth and mind expanding knowledge into the working of the deep state and worldwide Cabal, and what our Commander and Chief is doing to combat it.

You will be set free in mind, body spirit, as well as seeing an end coming  to your financial slavery to the world central banking cartel.

Q“, is not a cult but, a worldwide revolution.

But first, for those who don’t know, who is Q-anon?

A brief description :
A person identifying as “Q Clearance Patriot” first appeared on the /pol/ board of 4chan on October 28, 2017, posting messages in a thread entitled “Calm Before the Storm“, which was a reference to Trump’s cryptic description of a gathering of military leaders as “the calm before the storm“. The poster later moved to 8chan, citing alleged security concerns.

The handle implied that the anonymous poster held Q clearance, a United States Department of Energy security clearance required for access to Top Secret information about nuclear weapons and materials.

That was the sterile, no frills description.

Q is a worldwide movement to remove the shackles and chains of the financial slavery placed on us by the Satanic, Luciferian, Child Trafficking, Pediphilia Ring of the Elite Bilderburg Group and the world banking system.

It is a movement towards world peace and the restoration of the U.S. Constitution and power being returned to the people.

It is a dismantling of the worldwide deep state and criminal intelligence agencies that have been working against the people of this planet.

Q is a counter intelligence operation through and by U.S. military intelligence; under the command of our beloved POTUS.

Now, let me turn you onto some great sources and providers of trust worthy decoded Q information.

First, is Serial Brain 2.  He is the master decoder of the Q-anon drops.  He is the wizard of puzzles and cryptic untangling.  He is recognized by Q himself for his outstanding puzzle piecing and dot connecting.  He is the most referenced decipher of all Q‘s devotes.

I know nothing of Serial Brain 2’s background.  But if I were to guess, I would guess he had some sort of background in the intelligence world.

He writes a blog describing his discoveries and analysis of “Q” drops that can be found, I believe exclusively, on reddit.

And as he likes to point out, he figures this all out at his kitchen table.

Serial Brain 2, is a humble, tireless and serious discriminator of truth.  His first and most important objective is to get the truth out to the people.  I, as many, appreciate his work and efforts, and am thankful for the illumination that he gives and shares towards our understanding of it all.

Second:  Project Weeping Angel, whose videos can be found on Youtube, just by typing in, Project Weeping  Angel, or on Twitter @PWeepingAngel.

Project Weeping Angel is hosted and narrated by a delightful, charming anonymous southern belle.

She reads from the Serial Brain 2, blogs.  In addition, she gives commentary and post videos from the links, as given by “Q”.  In this way you get a more enhanced illustration of the Q-anon drops, thus making life easier for those of us just wanting the information spelled out.

Third: IPOT (In Pursuit Of Truth) can be found on Youtube either by typing in IPOT, IPOT1776, or In Pursuit Of Truth, and on Twitter @IPOT1776

IPOT is hosted by Sir Patrick Mack.  Sir Patrick, or “P”, as I like to refer to him, (and from what I can tell about him, he would appreciate the humor there.).

Sir Patrick’s style could be described as that of an AM/FM jock.  Not the distasteful kind, but when radio jocks were cool and good.  Like the ones back in the day; when you’d be sitting on the beach, watching the waves and grooving to the tunes on your favorite station. Yeah, like that.

He gives the latest breaking, break down, of the up to the minute current “Q” drops.  First, he goes through each new drop and then gives a fun, but not over the top, narrative of what they all mean, as well as spot on opinions and commentary.  I find him most enjoyable.  And I think, you will too.

Fourth: War Drummer, can be found on Youtube by typing in War Drummer, and on twitter @WarDrummer1

War Drummer, self identifies as the Commanders War Drummer.  He like Weeping Angel, narrates the Serial Brain blogs.  But, as you will see, his reading is on par with the likes of Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones.  It has a delightful sense of drama, like you are hearing the audio reading of a Tom Clancy, novel.

I believe it was Sir Patrick Mack, who said, I would like him to narrate my life.

Along with the reading, he interjects his thoughts, highlighting things of  importance and items to pay special attention too.

And on Sundays, he does a fantastic readings of Holy Script, along with a good expository of the passage he has read.

Finally, I give you. the X22 Report.  It can be found on Youtube by typing in X22 Report, and on twitter  @X22Report

The X22 Report, The Financial, Political and Geopolitical Report on the Global Economic Collapse, is hosted by Dave.

Of all the channels, I believe this one to be the oldest, pre-dating the Q-anon, phenomenon.

This channel does a smart job of relating “Q”, into the bigger global picture.  Dave also does an awesome job of explaining in layman terms,  what is happening around the world  financially, and why it is important to us and why we, the listeners, should care.

His show will remind you of the financial news and information reports that one use to hear on the radio, except his comes with graphs, photos, and figures.  Very smart, very intelligent.  Dave, like Sir Patrick, has a great radio voice and presence.

There you have it.  My top picks for where to get started and begin your journey learning about Q-anon.  To get the best, most rounded understanding, I suggest you watch, subscribe, and follow all of them.

Now, until you really get a grasp and understanding of “Q” and the movement, be careful with all the other channels out there, of which there are legion.  Some are legit,  others are not.  I gave you ones I know you can trust.  There is a big push right now by the Left to infiltrate the movement and discredit it, and to lead people in a false understanding of what “Q” is about. “BEWARE!!!”

Look, all I’m offering you is an honest look into the Q-anon movement and what it’s really about, minus the distortion being laid out right now in the mockingbird media attacks.  The one, they say is a hoax and a cult but, scares the living sh*t out of them.  It’s like with atheist, why do you hate God so much if He doesn’t exist?  Get it?

In the end, you need to decide, take the red pill and follow down the rabbit hole, or take the blue pill, and go back to your insulated, ostrich existence.  Up to you.  I hope you’ll join the movement.  We are, all “Q”!

Better late to the show, than not to go at all.  Where We Go 1 We Go All!

In any case, whether high up on a perch, or down on the street, shake yourself up some Jiffy Pop, and enjoy the show!!!

Trust God and keep your powder dry.

Pray for our President and his administration.

God bless America and Patriots Worldwide.

#Covfefe #WWG1WGA #KAG #1776


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