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Gloria Allred certainly makes the shortlist of people who could make even a lying POS #MeToo sexual predator like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appear likable.

If you asked me on Friday if there were any chance Andrew Cuomo could survive his downward spiral? I would have bet the ranch,’ No.’

But as if we were all suddenly transported into some twisted Hollywood Horror movie.

Just when it appears, the villainous Metoo sexually harassing New York Governor will finally pay for his betrayal of dozens of women and thousands of elderly New Yorkers who horrifically died due to Andrew Cuomo’s Covid nursing home order.

Out of nowhere comes the sickly sound of a slime-covered rock being pushed aside. And from the putrid-smelling pit of scummy ooze that laid beneath, out steps one Gloria Allred.

Gloria Allred…WTF?

Gloria Allred who last big hurrah was when she was seen wiping away Kathy Griffin’s crocodile tears.

Or when she was parading, just days before the 2016 presidential election, a bunch of D-list paid-off actresses pretending to be sexual assault victims of Donald Trump.

But just when you thought Gloria Allred’s coffin had finally been crazy-glued shut for all eternity.

Like a zombie, straight out of a Walking Dead episode. Gloria Allred dragged her maggot-infested carcass back from whichever dank realm she was produced.

After a minor detour to the New York Blood bank to top off her tank. Gloria Allred, Shockingly, NOT Shockingly, immediately resumed her carnival barker act that made her so despised.

Gloria Allred declared that another woman is coming forward to accuse Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual misconduct, but of course, Allred won’t reveal her identity.

Alleging that Andrew Cuomo grabbed her unidentified victim’s face and kissed her without her consent outside her home.

Allred went so far as to shriek that they have photographic evidence of Cuomo’s #MeToo molestation, but of course, Allred wouldn’t show it.

TuskerDaily reminds you that Gloria Allred shrieked that she also had similar evidence proving Donald Trump’s #MeToo molestation.

Of course, Allred wouldn’t show the evidence, since she claimed she would be filing a civil lawsuit against Donald Trump immediately upon completion of her dog and pony show press conference.

It must have come as quite a surprise when Gloria Allred first became aware of the fact that a judge and jury would want to actually see this evidence?

I mean, Who’d A Thunk It?

Gloria Allred starring in “The Return Of Snake-Oil She/He”

According to Allred’s press release, the unidentified woman will have a press briefing Monday afternoon, of course, her morally bankrupt attorney will be at her side

The married woman will detail how she “was shocked when the Governor suddenly grabbed her face and kissed her in front of her home,” according to the release.

A photo of the kiss will be provided during the briefing, the release additionally states.

TuskerDaily has a source embedded in the slime pit that doubles as Gloria Allred’s office.

And in an exclusive, TuskerDaily will now, for the first time ever, Gloria Allreds damning evidence against New York’s #MeToo Sexual Predator Andrew Cuomo:Gloria Allred's damning evidence against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo 700

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