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We live in a great era of new and constantly improving technology.

Even though our means of communicating are sometimes flawed by the powers that be, we still seem to get our word out.

We have phones to get news while we are away from a computer. We have sites to share our knowledge.

We even have a president who speaks directly to us. We don’t have to wait for the fake and not so fake media to decide what we should know.

President Donald Trump speaks directly to the American people.

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If the anti-Trump people ever figure out that we the people who support Trump are not going away, they will be crying in their coffee mugs. They can continue to have their pity-party because it will not change anything.

I woke up this morning and Trump still my president and Mike Pence is my Vice President. Oh my, life is good.

It’s Friday, wear something RED. Remember Everyone Deployed! Support our military.

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