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by Lanny Carruthers:

Fusion GPS Co-Founder Glenn Simpson stated that “somebody has been killed” as a result of the dossier.  Does this guy even have an attorney?  Some have called for the public release of the dossier.  Due to leaks, the same dossier has been found to have included false and salacious accusations against then-candidate Donald Trump.

Neither Simpson nor Fusion GPS attorney Josh Levy would name the person allegedly killed as a result of this dossier.  Does Josh Levy have his law office in the front of a van and sell shrimp out of the back of a van?  No competent attorney would or should allow his client to make such a statement.

“He wants to be very careful to protect his sources,” Josh Levy, an attorney for Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson said in the closed 10-hour hearing at the Senate Judiciary Committee on Aug. 22, 2017.

If such a statement is true that someone has been killed due to this dossier, Fusion GPS and anyone associated with the production of this false and largely unverified dossier may be subject to civil legal action(s) by the family of the unknown person for wrongful death.

Regardless if Fusion GPS ever intended for the dossier to ever be seen by the public is irrelevant.  The sheer fact that this false and largely unverified dossier was ever created and now leaked would be Exhibit “A” in a civil court trial directly linking Fusion GPS to the wrongful death of the unknown person.

Flashback to the O.J. Simpson criminal and civil trial over the death of his wife, Nicole Simpson.  The burden of proof carries a much lower bar to be proven in civil court than in criminal court.  Simpson was held responsible in civil court for the death of his wife and her acquaintance with a civil judgment against him of several million dollars.

Remember Sen. John McCain and an aide supposedly having knowledge of the Fusion GPS dossier?  Does Sen. McCain know more than he has publicly acknowledged that he delivered the dossier to Comey on Dec. 9 and had a more direct knowledge regarding the dossier?  It has been reported that the only people known to have had possession of the entire dossier besides BuzzFeed are Steele, Fusion GPS, McCain, and Kramer, a former director at the McCain Institute for International Leadership.

It looks like this revelation about the Fusion GPS dossier just opened up a new can of worms.  Will Fusion GPS see the inside of a civil courtroom for wrongful death?  Did Sen. John McCain have a more direct knowledge of dossier knowing that he delivered the dossier to now known rogue agent James Comey?  What does Hillary Rodham Clinton know?


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