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by Kathy Crest:

MERRY CHRISTMAS! to the man who has brought back the tradition of celebrating the birth of Christ and giving people hope once again! May you and your wonderful family have the most fabulous Christmas and holiday season, and know that millions of Americans share in my most sincere of wishes.

I would like to take a moment to look back at the year that would change America forever. Your election came at a tumultuous time, when most of us thought all was lost. We had seen our lives change so very much, and our values and morals disappear. Our men and women serving in blue, were being attacked by those they protect. Those who had given up so much of their lives, who fight for our God given freedoms, were being treated as if they didn’t matter, and looked at as second class citizens. God was being strategically replaced by a religion none of us knew, and nothing we said was sacred anymore, as our leaders were listening in. Political correctness was being shoved down our throats and our children were no longer learning. Common Core was the latest rage, and only resulted in confusion. It all came as such a crushing blow to those who love this great country, leaving us desperate for change, full of anger, and looking for a new direction.

2016 would send us on a roller coaster ride, one we will never forget. We, the people, were told that Donald J. Trump could never be president of the U.S. The poll numbers said so, and were written in stone, and they came from all different sources. We watched in confusion as we sensed the excitement, but the numbers told us we were wrong. We didn’t want more of the same, and a woman who was known for her lies. It didn’t take long before most of us knew, our media was behind an agenda.

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They lied to us back then and are worse today, and don’t try to camouflage their bias. They’ve been caught in their lies yet they don’t seem to care, and are happy to assault your intentions.  We have you to thank, for opening our eyes and for establishing the term of “fake news”.  Russia, Russia, Russia, is all that we’ve heard, and was meant to remove you from office. But the scandal has taken a sharp left turn, and has boomeranged right in their faces.

Going back to that night when the votes were all counted, we waited with hope in our hearts. As we sat on our couches and kept eyeing our clocks, we prayed for a much needed miracle. We went to bed, only to get right back up, in hopes we would hear those ten words. The tension was more than anyone could bear, and then it finally happened. “Donald Trump is the next president of the United States!” Oh my God, it really did happen! Excitement grew to disbelief as we realized it was all over. We had won the long fight and now we could heal, and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

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Not everyone was happy and tensions did grow, as the left tried to slander your win. The media continued with their dishonest assault, while Hillary went on attack. She couldn’t accept that her team let her down, and that America decided against her. She’d spent years on her plan and now won’t go away, even though her own party berates her. Against their wishes she wrote a long book and explained why she lost the election. She laid blame on her staff, the media and you, instead of looking in the mirror at her reflection. She will never get over the fact that she lost, and we will laugh at her comments and lies.

You beat all the odds and were faced with the task of choosing the men who would serve you. What should have been easy was only an example of what you would face in the future. It was then that we realized our two party system, had somehow melded as one. Trust was an issue, and roadblocks set up, by those who would later commend you. It all made no sense and you had to realize, that not everyone agreed with your intentions. They do not want change and will fight tooth and nail to keep you from fulfilling your promises.

Statistics have proven you are a man of your word and our country is once again flourishing. For far too long we’ve been let down by politicians who have always deceived us. It drives them all crazy that they can’t control you, and they threaten to impeach you without merit. They’ve spent lots of money to see you brought down, and now they are deep in the red. But what they don’t know is that God is on your side, and no stronger supporter is needed. Millions of Americans pray for you each day, and know we are faced with a battle. We pray for your safety and for that of your family, and know that He is watching over us.


“Snowflake” has taken on a whole new meaning, and now we are faced with a new threat. If only they would realize what a gift you have been and stop acting like fools and idiots. Their brainwashed minds will eventually wake up, when they are forced from the arms of their professors. Once they have left the safety of their dorms, the real world will smack them in their faces. It is not a place where their feelings will matter, or receive even a second glance. Nothing good is ever for free, and no one owes them a thing. They would be better served to get a job and stop their whining and complaining. If only you could tweet, “Suck it up buttercup, and see life for what it is!” But that would be politically incorrect, and the media would be in a frenzy.

The stock market is breaking records each day, and Isis is on the run. Terrorists would love to destroy the U.S. and take control of our land, but thanks to you they won’t get that chance, and you have sent them back where they came.  It seemed our former head of state was more concerned about “them”, than those he supposedly served. He left our healthcare in a mess, our economy failing, and Hillary would have struck the final blow. It was the worst 8 years in history and we cannot thank you enough, for caring for the American people and once again putting us first. We all thought it would be easy since you had the House and Senate, but it didn’t take long to figure out you had turncoats running the show.

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We have been made aware of so many things that we might not ever have known. The Democrats cringe every time you “tweet”, and say it is not presidential, but your words have opened so many eyes, and made us love you that much more. You’re “no nonsense” attitude is reassuring, and we know that you really care. They have made us realize how things had changed, and definitely not for the better. The internet has opened up a new world for us, and now we can read through the lines. Our government has taken advantage of us, and no longer protects and serves.The rumors are flying like never before and it’s hard to tell truth from fiction. It seems like the cards are stacked against us,

It’s funny to think the media has the gall to put out another poll. Not one ever showed you in the lead, and now they expect us to believe that no one approves of you today. Most of us realize the challenges you are faced with, and refuse to give up on your plans. We know that lower taxes, cheaper healthcare, controlled borders, and a smaller government is what makes a country prosper, and we just want you to know that as long as you are willing to fight for us, we will be right there by your side. We love to listen to you speak and we laugh at your blatant attacks. It’s been too long since we have felt that someone actually cares.

Celebrities and football stars are finally getting a clue. When you hit them where it hurts the most, they quickly realize who’s in charge. I was so proud to see the football stadiums sitting half full and watching fans burn precious jerseys. It gave me a renewed sense of pride and assured me that other Americans felt the same way as I. There is nothing more important than your country, and America is unlike any other. If we do not stand up for her and all she has to offer, we will lose all the freedoms that we hold so dear, and never have the chance to regain them. Our forfathers must be ashamed at the division our government has created, but we can overcome this, just by learning to love one another again.

President Trump, you will go down in history as the bravest and most important leader of all time. Together we will expose the truth and call out the lies, and those who have been blinded by those lies will have to make a decision. You will learn to dismiss the nasty attacks, as they are now not important. Just know that we are filled with hope and joy and a renewed sense of pride. We will never forget what you have done and what you have given up for this nation. Together we will make America great again and it will shine for years to come.

This letter comes to you from millions around the world, who wish you are yours a very Merry Christmas. Love, Your American supporters.



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