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by Trumpeteer:

The bloody heartless raid on Charlie Hebdo’s publishing company in France, was motivated by Cartoons.  The cartoons focused on Islamic aspects encountered by the French.

Radical solutions are needed to counter the problems highlighted by the Cartoons.  We have got to resist and counter the repugnant war strategies indulged in by our hosts.


I have selected one cartoon which blatantly focuses on the radical problem.  It also suggests a solution.

Below is this cartoon which was featured in one of Charlie Hebdo’s publications;

The content needs no explanation!
It says it all and I  don’t find it humorous.

The “bomb” is in the process of “going off” right now!

In some cities in Europe and the USA, the “bomb’s” effect on democracy has been devastating.  Increasing numbers of Cities, municipalities and departments are being controlled by Muslim majorities.


You need only look at the administrations of Dearborn in the USA and London in Europe, to understand how effective this war has been.

A radical solution is needed now to counter this aggressive metamorphoses!  That it be pleasant and palatable, is an unlikely pipe dream .

This is the Third Jihad.   It is war and war is rarely pleasant.  If we do not want our descendants to experience the dubious advantages of being Muslims, we have to invoke an effective defensive strategy before the “tipping point” is reached.

Liking the strategy is NOT a criterion.  That it works and works quickly is. The hope that we can be impose it without conflict, is unrealistic… is war, and war is repugnant!


For freedom loving “Westerners”, the thought of a solution which denies Muslims the right to vote, is hard to contemplate.  We are dismayed at the concept of refusing anyone who qualifies for a franchise!  It has an air of slavery about it.

I have to keep reminding myself that, in my opinion, Islam uses religion, but is not in itself a religion!

If anyone can come up with another solution, it would be welcomed.

There is an alternate prospect, that of limiting the number of children that Muslims may parent!  Another distasteful idea, which is also probably unworkable!


Perhaps we could deal with it more comfortably if we remember, that these unpleasant solutions are only required, to counter the options that Islam has chosen to use to subjugate us infidels?

I do know that if my focus ignores the inevitable and rejects the unpalatable,  I cannot to ensure freedom for my descendants!


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