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You may remember the “October Surprise” Conspiracy that the democrats came out with back in the 80s during the Reagan administration’s first term.

The “October Surprise” conspiracy alleged that associates of Reagan colluded with the Iranian government to delay the release of the hostages until Reagan became President. Now doesn’t that sound familiar with how the democrats are portraying the “Russian Hack” conspiracy.

Here is the full story:

37 years ago during the 1980 presidential campaign one of the major issues was the Iran hostage crisis, where during the 1979 revolution, also know as the Islamic revolution of Iran, American hostages were being held captive by militants who were supporters of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Komeini.

Let’s go even further in the past 38 years ago when the revolution occurred in January 1978.

The revolution began in January 1978 when a group of religious students clashed with police over a newspaper article critical of Islamic cleric Ayatollah Ruhollah Komeini written by an agent of the shah’s government.

The movement picked up steam for the next 13 months and culminated in the overthrow of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s regime on February 11, 1979. What followed was an Islamic government that remains to this day.

Now let’s go to back the 1980 Presidential election.

After an even more embarrassing defeat to the outsider Republican challenger Ronald Reagan for incumbent democrat Jimmy Carter by 90 percent. (Carter 49 to Reagan 489).

The democrats had to come up with a scapegoat to blame for Carter’s lost because as we all know democrats can never do anything wrong and cannot attribute any blame to themselves, so they came up with the “October Surprise” conspiracy which alleged that the Reagan campaign “colluded with the Iranian government to delay the release of the hostages until Reagan became president.”

Back in April 1991 the New York Times (aka The New York Slimes) published an article by Gary Sick about the “October Surprise” conspiracy.

Here are few excerpts from the article:

SUSPICIONS about a deal between the Reagan campaign and Iran over the hostages have circulated since the day of President Reagan’s inaugural, when Iran agreed to release the 52 American hostages exactly five minutes after Mr. Reagan took the oath of office. Later, as it became known that arms started to flow to Iran via Israel only a few days after the inauguration, suspicions deepened that a secret arms ‘for’ hostages deal had been concluded.”

In the course of hundreds of interviews, in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East, I have been told repeatedly that individuals associated with the Reagan-Bush campaign of 1980 met secretly with Iranian officials to delay the release of the American hostages until after the Presidential election. For this favor, Iran was rewarded with a substantial supply of arms from Israel.

Some of the sources interviewed by me or my colleagues arms or were government officials who claimed to have knowledge of these events by virtue of their official duties or their access to intelligence reports. Most insisted on anonymity.

In another New York Times (aka New York Slimes) article dated on March 7, 1991 former Iranian President Bani-Sader claimed to have “firsthand knowledge of the secret deals” between Kemeini and the Reagan campaign.

In 1993 a bipartisan House panel concluded that there was no merit to the persistent accusation that people associated with the 1980 Reagan Presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan struck a secret deal with Iran to delay the release of the hostages until after the election.

Now compare the Democrat’s 1980 “October Surprise” conspiracy to the their 2016 “Russian Conspiracy” after Hillary was defeated again by another outsider Republican challenger Donald Trump.

Check out this PBS Frontline Report from either the 90s

Also check out the these videos from 1991 during the bipartisan house panel.

 Doesn’t all this sound like it could be from today? Well, its not from today, it happens to be from 1991 concerning the “October Surprise” conspiracy that the liberal left started about the Reagan campaign after their nominee incumbent democrat Jimmy Carter lost the election to the outsider republican challenger Ronald Reagan, and even with all these allegations of “colluding with Iran” during Reagan’s first term, he was still able to win reelection in 1984.
Just like they are doing with the “Russian Hack” Conspiracy, the democrats are repeating history.

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