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In what is now the last Democratic presidential primary elections in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, Joe Biden not only swept all three states Tuesday he completely wiped Bernie Sanders right off the primary map.

Joe Biden won Florida by almost 40 points, Illinois by more than 20 and Arizona by double-digits, too.

It was a remarkable night for clueless Joe and Biden’s delegate lead to this point looks insurmountable based on how the Democrats allocate their delegates.


Here are five takeaways from Joe Biden’s big election night thrashing of Sanders and what it means going forward for Bernie and his Bros.


1. Joe Biden is on track to be the Democratic nominee

Biden expanded his delegate lead and is now ahead of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders 1,147 to 861. 

That 286-delegate lead is very difficult to overcome because there are no winner-take-all primaries, delegates are apportioned according to the vote.

To put that lead into perspective, Biden needs 47% of all remaining delegates to become the nominee; Sanders needs 63%

What’s more, many of the states ahead favor Biden, so it’s hard to see how Sanders not only wins in many of those places but wins in all of them overwhelmingly.


2. Biden needs Bernie 

During his speech Tuesday night, Joe Biden reached out to the Bernie Bros, many of whom have been highly skeptical of not only Clueless Joe, but how the DNC once again rigged the primaries against their beloved Simpleminded Socialist.

“Sen. Sanders and I may disagree on tactics, but we share a common vision,” Biden said, rattling off affordable health care, income inequality and climate change as shared issues they want to solve.

Biden started his pandering early as he co-opted Bernie Sanders’ free-tuition-at-public-colleges plan, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s bankruptcy plan and pledged on Sunday’s debate to put a woman on the ticket.

It’s all part of an effort from Biden to try and win over the Bernie Bros, and the liberal lunatic progressives in the Democratic party.

And Joe Biden will need every voter he can get if he has any chance of defeating President Trump in November.

Especially when you consider in the 2016 presidential election Donald Trump won by fewer than 80,000 votes spread across Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.


3. Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything, consuming daily life and the campaign. Voters Tuesday said they were worried about it.

While the mainstream media will regurgitate over the coming days that voters in all three states said they would trust Biden more than Sanders to handle a crisis overwhelmingly, according to exit polls.

Of course, these results are skewed wildly to the left since this was a Democratic primary day, and President Trump had already secured the Republican nomination.

Hilariously, Joe Biden plagiarized his plans to fight coronavirus from President Trump, who had already announced many of the things that Joe Biden only started proposing.

The one item part in Joe Biden’s plan that is not part of President Trump’s strategy to combat Coronavirus was using the military to build emergency hospitals. 

Unfortunately for Joe Biden the Pentagon essentially called his idea shortsighted and idiotic.

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4. Women have propelled Biden over the last few weeks and did so again

The one area that is an absolute vulnerability to Donald Trump is Women, so for Joe Biden, and it’s critical that he continues to win them over bigly.

Women have fueled the resistance to Donald Trump from the very beginning, and they propelled the Democrats to take back the House in 2018.

They also have been crucial to Joe Biden winning to this point in the Democratic nomination race.

Tuesday was no different.

Joe Biden won women by wider margins than men in all three states — in Arizona, he won them by 7 points; in Florida, it was 8; and Illinois, it was a whopping 26 points.

The support of women, in particular suburban women, is crucial for Joe Biden not just in winning the Democratic nomination, but also the presidency.

5. Sanders’ Latino support erodes

Bernie Sanders won twice as many Latino voters as Biden in the California primary but that was not the case yesterday.

The fact is most of the Latinos in the West and Southwest are Mexican Americans. But in Florida, many of the Latino population are descendants of Puerto Rico and Cuba.

Bernie completely destroyed any chance of winning over these Floridian Latinos by his fanboying Fidel Castro and not distancing himself from the warm and fuzzies he has for the murderous socialist dictator.


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