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by Melissa Grable:

FVEY is an intelligence community involving five countries. These countries include the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. It is also known as the UKUSA agreement/ secret treaty. It was originally made during WWll between British and US code breakers who would intercept Nazi communications and exchange intelligence information.

FVEY was established on March 5th 1946. In 1955 the treaty was amended to include the other countries. 

The NSA is linked to these countries.

Back in 2013 former NSA employee Edward Snowden had warned us of all of this. It was thrown off as a conspiracy “theory” so the public wouldn’t even take a second look at it. It was a way for them to stay hidden. During the Cold War, FVEY started a global communications monitoring program known as ECHELON to spy on the Soviet satellite communications.

As technology advanced, the ECHELON program developed the ability to monitor emails, fax, telephone communications, and internet traffic of the general public.


ECHELON was created in the late 1960s, but was formally established in 1971.

FVEY had installed 50,000 computer networks worldwide with monitoring spyware. It is like Edward Snowden had said, everyone involved with FVEY does not follow any countries laws that pertain to spying. Here is an example of how FVEY works: we tell NSA they can’t do certain spying on citizens and so they don’t.

That’s fine with the NSA, because you still have four other countries that would pass along the same info to the NSA. FVEY is just the main treaty. There are more countries involved with similar activities.


Can we actually stop this or is it already too late?

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