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In July 2022, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas asked residents to reduce their power usage to prevent the possibility of rolling blackouts because of a heatwave.

In response to the request Rep. Eric “Fang Fang” Swalwell (D-CA) mocked Texas writing on social media: “Texas. Where Republicans provide plenty of energy to control your body, but no energy to control your thermostat.”

A couple of months later, Swalwell’s district is facing the same problem.

“It’s time to rally, California! We all need to do our part to help avoid power outages this week. Before 4pm, pre-cool your home. After 4pm, avoid use of major appliances and turn your thermostat to 78 or higher. Let’s keep the lights on, California,” the Congressman wrote.

For that Swalwell was mocked along with Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has bragged about banning electric cars in the near future.

From the Dailywire:

Among other measures, the state asked citizens last week to avoid “charging electric vehicles” — a request that raised eyebrows due to the announcement of an upcoming ban on new gas-powered cars released days earlier. The California Air Resources Board issued new rules requiring 35% of new vehicles to produce zero emissions by 2026 — a standard that will rise to a 68% benchmark by 2030 and a 100% benchmark by 2035.

State legislatures in Massachusetts, Washing, and Virginia have passed laws similar to California. However, Republicans in Virginia are working hard to repeal the laws passed by the previous Democrat administration.

“In an effort to turn Virginia into California, liberal politicians who previously ran our government sold Virginia out by subjecting Virginia drivers to California vehicle laws,” Governor Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) wrote in a statement. “Now, under that pact, Virginians will be forced to adopt the California law that prohibits the sale of gas and diesel-fueled vehicles. I am already at work to prevent this ridiculous edict from being forced on Virginians. California’s out of touch laws have no place in our Commonwealth.”



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