Fake News Media Lies About Virginia Beach Mass Shooting

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Except for the fact that it was a lie, early Saturday morning the fake news media started screeching about a Virginia Beach Mass Shooting.

Knowing their headline reading liberal would pounce the media started posting implied mass shooting headlines such as ABC News story: 9 shot and 2 dead, including alleged suspect, in Virginia Beach, shooting.

The facts as of now show that this shooting was actually 3 separate incidents, two were connected but happened at different times. And one had nothing to do with the original shooting AT ALL!
  • Shooting #1 – Virginia Beach police said officers were patrolling the resort area when they heard gunshots. They found eight people who had to be taken to a hospital, some with injuries ranging from serious to life-threatening.
  • Shooting #2 – While police were investigating the above incident. An individual was confronted by a uniform Virginia Beach police officer. While details haven’t been released, that officer shot and killed the person the suspect in what the Virginia Beach Police Chief described as a “police intervention shooting.”
  • Shooting #3 – A second person was killed in a separate nearby shooting, Virginia Beach Police Chief Paul Neudigate said at his press briefing that they do not believe it was related to the first two shootings.

It’s as if the mainstream media is actually trying to show how egregious their reporting has become in 2021.

The Virginia Pilot posts this fake news implied ‘Virginia Beach Mass Shooting’ tweet.

TuskerDaily responded to their clickbait lie by factually pointing out how AMAZING it was that The Virginia Pilot’s headline for their story: 2 dead and 8 others injured in late-night shootings at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Had, as if by magic, now included that “s” after “shooting”?

Yahoo News Posts their own clickbait Virginia Beach Mass Shooting Tweet

Unlike the Virginia Pilot, the leftist Yahoo News kept the mass shooting lie going in their headline: 9 shot and 2 dead, including alleged suspect, in Virginia Beach, shooting

Now one may believe this is simply a Clickbait headline from Yahoo…and you’d be wrong!

The Twitter post links to Yahoo’s story with a similarly fraudulent headline: 9 shot and 2 dead, including alleged suspect, in Virginia Beach shooting.

Even When The Virginia Beach Mass Shooting Implying Media Tried To Be Truthful…THEY LIED!

When news networks such as CNN did post a semi-accurate headline: Two people were killed and at least eight injured in Virginia Beach shooting incidents

Of course, knowing screeching Liberals would be chomping at the bit to shriek “GUN CONTROL’ would never make it that far.

CNN combined the multiple shooting incidents into one implied ‘Virginia Beach Mass Shooting’ knowing their liberal ‘gun control now’ readers would immediately pounce after the first few words.

CNN purposely left that (s) in ‘Shootings” to the very last character.

Of course, Pounce They Did!

Since the gun control now Democrats had their Boulder Mass Shooting screeching shot out from under them after the mass shooter was identified as NOT being a “white boy with an AR-15“.

The ‘feelings aren’t facts’ liberals pounced all over the fake news media’s fictitious Virginia Beach Mass Shooting narrative:

LOL April Ryan CNN facts First Reporter LOL

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