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June 23, 2020 President Trump authorized the federal government to basically arrest anybody who destroys or vandalizes any monument, statue, or federal property within the United States. Up to 10 years imprisonment. The insanity of having to do that is what is mind boggling.

Common sense would tell you that the law has already been in place and that we should not have to have an executive order to back up a pre-existing law. The Veterans Memorial Preservation Act was passed in 2003. It’s already a crime to destroy or vandalize any type of statue, monument, or plaque that commemorates the service of anybody in the Armed Forces. That also carries imprisonment up to 10 years.

Last I checked every one of these statues, aside from the ones that have nothing to do with the confederacy, all have military uniforms on. That is part of the military, so therefore it falls under that law. Aside from that law if you are on state or federal government property, and you tear down or vandalize anything, that is also violating the law. This is where it gets insane…

US citizens have leaders within the states, such as governors and mayors, that are encouraging their Constituents to break this law. They are publicly backing it. I should repeat one more time… This is against the law. So my question is should the mayors and governors be held accountable? Should they get up to 10 years in prison as well? I would say a solid yes. They are enticing anarchy.

The children of today are seeing their leaders say it is OKAY to commit crime and break the law. That is what is scary here. The president has to sign executive orders to stop the insanity. But again the law already preexists. So my biggest question is- does the law really matter? We are seeing historical and unprecedented violent acts in the name of a protest. Nothing about this is peaceful. This has to be stopped immediately. All of it.

So Mr. President I have one more executive order I would like for you to sign… In these democratic hotspots of anarchy, where people are losing everything from looting to rioting and fires, please call in the big boys of law and order and put direction back in it. Get us back to America. The American we all know and love. That’s the only way to KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

Written by: Wes Avent

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  1. The Press is doing everything it can to hurt Trump – but what their doing is hurting the press because people know what their saying is a bunch of made up Crap.

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