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by Kathy Crest:

How difficult can it be to sit in front of a bright, flashy screen and talk about the latest headlines around the world? You may be quite surprised how fat the paychecks are of some of the top news reporters in America.

In 2013, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough quietly filed for divorce from his wife of 12 years, Susan Waren, and court records would show he was earning almost $100,000 A WEEK! Not a month, A WEEK! $20,000 a day! That works out to more than $5 million per year. The “Morning Joe” host had been having an affair with the co-host of the show, Mika Brzezinski, who was also married at the time. Her salary is reportedly less than half of Joe’s, at just $2 million a year. I guess this is why she has been an advocate for equal pay in the work place. Maybe she fell for Scarborough to get a piece of his pie. Scarborough started out as the only Republican on the show, but has done an about face, and now openly attacks President Trump every chance he gets. Mika appears to have something which she holds over him that has made him switch sides.

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Rachel Maddow of MSNBC rakes in a cool $7 million dollars each year. The quirky and openly gay reporter has her own show and has been with the network since 2008.  She has won many awards for her opinionated style of reporting and has been extremely vocal in her disgust for President Trump. She once led off a show with “BREAKING NEWS”, claiming to have “the scoop” on Donald Trump, and being in possession of his never seen before tax documents. She kept her audience in total suspense with a time clock countdown of the announcement. Then when the final seconds were counted off and her excitement could be contained no more, she opened the return and made a complete fool of herself, having to admit that Trump had paid in 25% of his earnings to the good old IRS!

Fox News Anchor, Shepherd Smith, is another well paid reporter and openly gay as well. He began his Fox career in 1996 and is the host of his own show, Shepherd Smith Reporting. He pulls in over $7 million a year. He is one of Fox’s controversial news figures as he is known to report more negatively on the Trump administration than otherwise.

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Anderson Cooper, the man suspected of being a former CIA agent, now reports the nightly news for CNN and brings in a cool $11 mil a year. He is the host of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360”, and his show is touted as a “nightly newscast that goes beyond the headlines.” Maybe this is because his reports are gathered from CIA intel (or twisted upon their request).

The now retired Diane Sawyer broke all the records with her phenomenal salary of $12 million a year. She ended her tenure with ABC News as a “World News” reporter in 2014, but being retired has not stopped her from showing her repugnance of President Trump. Sawyer has anchored on ABC News’s nightly flagship program “ABC World News”, and was a co-anchor of ABC News’s morning news program Good Morning America and Primetime newsmagazine. She was also a correspondent on CBS’s “60 Minutes”. Early in her career, she was a member of U.S. President Richard Nixon’s White House staff and closely associated with the president himself. In 2015 Sawyer interviewed Caitlyn Jenner in a special report on 20/20, just after he began to make his transformation into a woman. He/she has been an advocate against Donald Trump.


Bill O’Reilly, who was forced off of Fox News after numerous reports of sexual misconduct, was pulling in $20 million dollars before he departed. His nightly report was seen by millions of viewers who were extremely disappointed after the news broke of his departure. Many believe the stories to be fake, as the leftist agenda has been to remove all sources of the enemy. O’Reilly was replaced by Tucker Carlson, a younger version of the daring “in your face” reporter.

Matt Laur of NBC News beats out Bill O’Reilly by $5 million dollars a year. He works just four days a week. He joined the “Today Show” in 1994, then went on to replace Bryant Gumbel as co-host of “Today with Katie Couric”. His reporting has taken him all around the world, interviewing royalty, entertainers, and other well known world figures. During the Clinton/Trump presidential campaign, Laur interviewed Hillary Clinton and reportedly asked a question that was not “on the list” of previously approved questions prepared by Clinton herself. She was asked about the email scandal in a way that appeared to show her guilt. Afterwards, she reportedly left the stage in a hissy, threw a glass of water at Donna Brazile, and screamed obscenities at her staff members. Photographers have claimed to have overheard Clinton as saying, “If that mother #[email protected]% wins this election, we are all going to hang!” With all the latest news coming out about her involvement in the Uranium One deal, I think we now know what she was referring to.

Then we have the much controversial Megyn Kelly, who made her claim to fame at Fox News, starting out as a morning reporter and working her way up to her own nightly show, “The Kelly File”. She won the respect of her viewers by reporting much of the truth that other reporters of her status refused to touch on. Something happened to Megyn, though, and it was obvious that her format was changing. Complaints began to pour in, but her narrative only worsened. It was obvious she had been compromised, and Fox cut ties with her. She left a salary of over $20 million and took off for the dark side. NBC picked her up for an undisclosed figure, and her new show, “Megyn Kelly Today” has not seen the spectacular reviews that once were expected. Her time there so far has been quite tumultuous, and it has been reported that she does not play well with others on set. Her reputation has been deeply tarnished as many view her a turncoat.


I guess my biggest question is, where do the news networks get their money to offer such huge salaries to so many reporters? Although daytime journalists don’t warrant the same figures as nightly ones, they still average some pretty hefty salaries. Then you have all the other employees; photographers, researchers, videographers, editors, writers, managers, and CEO’s. I’m sure I have left out many in between. It has been said by many close to the industry, that our main stream media outlets are not who we think they are. They are controlled by outside sources such as special interest groups, large corporations, and even our own CIA.

Could it be true that groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical organization that would like nothing more than to see our nation destroyed, has an influence on what we hear and see on a daily basis. Are they donating money to media outlets who return the favor by pushing narratives that negatively effect our nation? Is this why our reporters seem overwhelmingly in support of the religion of Islam, and are continuously pushing Christianity off to the side? Are we being forced into Sharia Law by those who live abroad, or have they infiltrated our country and now capable of destroying it from within?

Although special interest groups cannot legally donate to media figures or outlets, one can only imagine there are many back stage deals being made where money exchanges hands. After all, bribery seems to be a common occurrence these days. The media has a great advantage over any crimes being committed by on air personalities and CEO’s, because the lack of reporting these misdeeds, aids in their assurance that they will not be caught. Pay-offs to the FBI and police are not uncommon as well, and we have actual proof of such an incident in the Clinton/Comey exchange. In a round about way, James Comey received a $6 million dollar payoff from the Clinton Foundation in exchange for his reluctance to see Hillary indicted.

Why would our CIA be involved in the manipulation of the news media? It has long been suggested that the organization is corrupt, and that top tier figures are the ones to blame. Some people will do anything for money, and these individuals seem to have forgot about the vows they took to protect their country. President Trump has made famous with the term “fake news”, but it was actually established after a rumor of child sex abuse was reported out of a Washington DC pizza parlor. The owner, James Alefantis, was suspected of trafficking children to well respected government figures as well as other wealthy socialites. Although the internet was abuzz with the scandal, our media would not touch it with a ten foot pole. For weeks they turned their heads, until a gunman entered the building and got off two shots, one of which just happened to enter the computer server belonging to Alefantis. Supposedly this destroyed the hard drive, rendering the contents irretrievable. But later, Alefantis would learn that a hacker had managed to download all the pornographic material on the server before it was destroyed, and had handed it over to police.

The downloaded material seemed to be of value to DC police for about a month, then the hacker lost all contact with them. He knew then that they had been compromised. It wasn’t until two weeks ago that communications have resumed. In several YouTube videos, he has listed the name of the detective assigned to the case, and has posted videos which show emails between himself and the detective. One in particular announces that an investigation has now begun in to what we now know as “pizzagate”.

It is said that hundreds of our politicians are involved in the trafficking of children. As I said, some people will do anything for money, and this is a very lucrative business. NBC ran a report during the Obama administration while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. They claimed she had stopped an investigation into the pedophilia taking place among our state department officials. Are CIA agents protecting our government figures just as the media does? Could some of them also be involved? Are they being paid to turn their heads to the abuse?

Our news media has always been looked at as a reliable source for the truth. Sadly less than half of Americans now believe that this is the case. We are forced to do our own investigative journalism and try to decipher truth from lies. We visit newly formed alternative news sites more than those that have been in operation for decades. We watch videos that hold proof to what we have been told are falsehoods. No longer can we respect the giants of the media or call them “real news”. It is a sad time for America and countries all over the world. Greed has overtaken our societies and turned good people to bad. Reporters are paid hefty salaries to make up the news, and athletes who have dominated our lives for decades, are paid ridiculous figures to help push an agenda. Hollywood creates films and video games that lure our children into lives of crime. It’s all about the money, and it dominates our lives. The almighty dollar truly is the evil of all time.


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