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Back in 2018, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was looking to tomahawk chop President Donald Trump for his inhumane treatment of migrants inside his administration’s border patrol holding facilities

Warren fired off a letter condemning Trump over how these illegal immigrants were being “packed into cages with foil blankets”.

Of course, Vox, as well as many other mainstream media outlets quickly pounced on Warren’s letter which chronicled her June 2018, visit to the U.S. Border Patrol processing center in McAllen, Texas.

Elizabeth Warren On The Warpath Over Trump’s Migrant Holding Facility Conditions:

An outraged, and clearly triggered Elizabeth Warren wrote:

I first visited the McAllen Central Processing Center in McAllen, Texas, which is operated by CPB. Inside the processing center, men and women were packed into cages — cage after cage after cage. Our group estimated that between forty and fifty men were being held in a cage that measured roughly ten feet by thirty feet. There was a wall a few feet high int eh back that separated a small urinal area from the rest of the cage. The men were cramped, lying side by side under foil blankets directly on a concrete floor.

CBP officials insisted that no one was held for longer than 72 hours. But as I walked by the cages, I asked the migrants through the metal grates how long they had been there. They held up their fingers in response: four fingers, five fingers, two hands’ worth. Some told me they had been held for fourteen days. One man called out to me that he just wanted a shower — he said he’d gone six days without a shower or the opportunity to brush his teeth. Another man told me that his two children, aged 15 and 16, were being held separately in the other room.

The moment Elizabeth Warren sent out her press release Trump-hate diatribe. The media quickly praised her for her brave and bold stance in supposedly speaking truth to power.

But as TuskerDaily has reported on more than a few occasions. Democrat politicians like Senator Elizabeth Warren whose screech their knee-jerk outrage almost without fail eventually have their outrage boomerang back at them.

And once again it did just that.

With the leaking of photos earlier this week, which exposed the horrific conditions inside Joe Biden’s migrant children holding facilities.

One would naturally assume Elizabeth Warren would immediately put pen to paper?

After all, not only are the conditions similar to what triggered her back in 2018, they’re even worse than what she saw under Trump and what Warren conveniently ignored under Obama.

Since Elizabeth Warren, like President Joe Biden, and Vice-President Kamala Harris has no intention of visiting these holding facilities. We must rely on photos to document what Joe Biden’s ‘Kid Pods’ look like.

Here’s our featured image from our article “Where’s AOC?” showing what the Biden ‘Kid Pods’ contain when empty, minus AOC and Bernie, of course.

Where's AOC? Texas Gov Orders Investigation Into Undrinkable Water at Biden 'Kids In Cages' CampBased on the photo above, Elizabeth Warren should have been even more outraged over Joe Biden’s Migrant holding facilities than she was for Trump’s.

Describing Trump’s migrant holding facility, Elizabeth Warren wrote: “Inside the processing center, men and women were packed into cages

Judging by the following photo of Joe Biden’s holding facility the conditions are similar to what Warren witnessed at Trump’s.

Except for one major difference, Warren stated “Men and Women” and clearly, the Biden facility is holding children.

Migrant Children Border facility Leaked Photos 3

Migrant Children Border facility Leaked Photos 3

In her letter Elizabeth Warren also screeched: The men were cramped, lying side by side under foil blankets directly on a concrete floor.

Judging by the photo below the conditions inside Joe Biden’s migrant holding facilities were no better.

And while some Children were given thin mattresses to sleep on, some children were laying on the bare concrete.

This was confirmed by the mainstream media of children complaining that they needed to take turns sleeping due to the lack of space, and mattresses.

Joe Biden cramped migrant children facility kid pods

Waiting On Elizabeth Warren’s Letter Condemning Joe Biden

The pictures we posted, as well as many others, should alone, have been more than enough for Elizabeth Warren to fire off a letter condemning the Biden administration’s treatment of these migrant children.

But as TuskerDaily has documented in other articles. Joe Biden’s inhumane facilities were far worse than anything the Democrats claimed to have witnessed about Trump’s.

There are two things extremely important items missing from Joe Biden’s ‘Kids Pods’ that Elizabeth Warren highlighted in her Trump-hate diatribe?

#1 – Warren wrote: There was a wall a few feet high in the back that separated a small urinal area from the rest of the cage.

But as you can see in the photos above, Biden’s migrant holding facilities HAVE NO TOILETS!

#2 – Warren wrote: One man said he’d gone six days without a shower or the opportunity to brush his teeth.

While the mainstream media have reported that similarly inside the Biden holding cells, migrant children were reportedly only being allowed to shower once a week.

But there is one major difference. Unlike in Trump’s holding facilities, inside Biden holding cells, there isn’t so much as a sink, or water fountain for these migrant children to drink from.

As we’ve proven, the situation that America find’s itself due to the incompetence of the Biden administration is as bad, if not worse than what outraged Elizabeth Warren back in 2018.

So, we look forward to reporting on Elizabeth Warren’s letter condemning Joe Biden for his inhumane treatment of Migrant Children.

Of course, we’re not delusional enough to hold our breath waiting for the Democrats leftist faux Indian hypocrite to write one.

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