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Elizabeth Warren came rushing out of her teepee in full war paint looking to scalp the vertically challenged former NYC Mayor…And scalp him she did.


For Conservatives, it was grab your popcorn time and enjoy Democrats like Elizabeth Warren pile on Mike Bloomberg like it was a WWE Royal Rumble.

In this clip, Elizabeth Warren depicted Michael Bloomberg as a sexist, misogynist pig by quoting some of his remarks he made in the past, like “horse-faced lesbian.”

But Pocahontas’ Tomahawk Chops Kept Right On Coming.

As we reported last week Bloomberg has at least 17-known lawsuits against him from angry women who claimed Bloomers went all #MeToo over them.

Bloomberg was forced to defend himself and his company against accusations of gender discrimination and workplace harassment.

Warren wanted to know how many non-disclosure agreements Bloomberg meant when he said there were a few, and his answer did not fly with the audience.

Here’s a Few Related Stories We’ve done over the past week or so on Mike Bloomberg Reprehensible Behavior.

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