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So much for the Democrats Kumbaya love-feast as Elizabeth Warren refused to shake Sen. Bernie Sanders’ offering of a handshake at the end of Tuesday night’s Democratic debate.

With the field’s six candidates exchanging pats on the back during the Democrats 118th debate it appeared all was good in Liberal La la land, until after the debate when Elizabeth Warren snubbed Bernie Sanders.

Elizabeth Warren first shook the hand of former Vice President clueless Joe Biden, before moving on to Bernie Sanders.

Sanders, of Vermont, began to extend his right hand out towards Warren, but Pocahontas apparently didn’t bring her 1/1024th peace pipe as she kept her clasped hands raised close to her torso as the two exchanged words.

The audio from CNN’s coverage had already been cut, but the seemingly tense moment followed a public rehashing in the debate of Sanders’ allegedly telling Warren that a woman couldn’t win the general election.

Sanders reportedly made the comment during a closed-door meeting between the two lawmakers in 2018, but he maintained during Tuesday night’s debate that it was “incomprehensible” he’d say such a thing.

Warren insisted that Sanders did utter the cutting remark — but said that she liked a woman’s odds of besting President Trump in November given their election records relative to the male Democratic candidates.

As Sanders raised his hand in a defensive gesture, billionaire hedge-funder Tom Steyer entered the exchange to put his own hand on Sanders’ back.

“I don’t know what they were saying,” Steyer told MSNBC. “Whatever they were going on between each other, I was trying to get out of the way as fast as possible.”

But both Sanders and Warren continued their apparent verbal sparring for another few seconds before finally heading towards separate sides of the stage.


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