Elizabeth Warren Lies about McDonald's Breakfast
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Elizabeth Warren wants you to know that she’s just like you and me, to get her breakfast at McDonald’s she walked 2.2 miles in the snow in wet moccasins UPHILL in both directions.


After the latest New Hampshire polls placed Elizabeth Warren in fourth place, she knew she needed a quick ‘Look At Me‘ moment

And what better way to do that than to hide behind one of your campaign workers hoping no one saw you exiting your private jet.

Hold the phone…That’s not right.

Oh, OK. To show us she’s all down to Earth and stuff, Elizabeth Warren wanted everyone to know that she’s just like us average no-name Americans who walk to get our breakfast.

Warren boasted that she walked 2.2 miles in the snow in wet moccasins UPHILL in both directions to get Mickey D’s breakfast groove on.

Ok, Just sayin! You and I would have taken our cars.

But It’s the ‘I’m just like you middle-class schmucks‘ thought that counts.

But As Usual Elizabeth Warren Was Full of Crap… AGAIN!

Of course, with anything, Elizabeth Warren says you better check that she’s not selling you a teepee full of crap.


If We Said It Once, We Said It A Million Times…



 Elizabeth Warren’s Lies Finally Catch Up To Her

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