Chelsea Handler Drunk Tweets
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Drunk far-left activist and alleged comedian Chelsea Handler thought she had herself a ‘Gotcha Ya Racist Trump’ moment after the President granted clemency to eleven people on Tuesday, but, of course, that was just the liquor tweeting.


Chelsea Handler ran to Twitter spewing to her Trump deranged social media followers “notice what color” all of the “criminals” are that Trump granted clemency too?

Apparently, Chelsea was too preoccupied with trying to find the best wine $2.95 could buy, to read past the headlines, or do a little fact checking.

Of course, as we reported many times in our ‘Chelsea Handler’s Drunk Tweets‘ series.

Whenever Chelsea forced herself to read past the headlines it gave this liberal lush a severe migraine.

But Twittersphere was happy to enlighten the inebriated twittering twit with a few facts about her moronic mental midget revelation.

Sober people on Twitter explained to the plastered wanna be porn star that there was quite a bit of diversity in the group of people that President Trump either a pardon or a commutation of their sentence.

President Trump issued pardons to seven individuals and commuted the sentences of four others on Tuesday.

The media did their fake news best to confuse mentally challenged liberals like Chelsea Handler by only highlighting the release of the four white people.

  • Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevic.
  • Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik.
  • Financier Michael Milken.
  • Former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr.

Rick Wilson, who just weeks ago became infamous for making CNN Don Lemon break out into a giddy gay giggling fit, wrote a story on the Daily Beast titled “Trump Pardons Crooks to Feel Like a King“.

I guess this week Trump’s a King rather than a Dictator?

King Donald Trump Tuskerdaily 800X450

Even CNN’s Fredo jumped on the Trump pardon bashing bandwagon when Chris Cuomo tweeted that President Trump “just pardoned only elites.”

Chelsea, Put The Mouse Down, And Step Away From The Computer

Taking her cue from reading the headlines, and watching Fredo spew his idiocy.

Chelsea Handler put down her bottle and got busy…oh, Sorry, I meant the other kind of busy on Twitter.

“While our president exonerates criminals and releases them from jail, notice what color they all are.”

F**K Facts When You Have Feelings

Of course, like any good drunken liberal loony toon Chelsea Handler was ignorant of the fact that a number of women of color were pardoned or freed thanks to President Trump’s actions on Tuesday.

Director and producer Robby Starbuck took the time to attempt to sober up Handler:

“Chelsea, This is @theangiestanton, Tynice Hall & Crystal Munoz. All were granted commuted sentences or a full pardon. He did 11 commutations or pardons today. Out of 11, 7 looked white (63%). White (including white Hispanics) account for 77% of the population. You’re ignorant.”

One of the non-violent offenders pardoned by President Trump, Angela Stanton-King, even weighed in, telling Handler, “I’m BLACK.”

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