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Did you know there was a dress code on the Hill? A sleeveless dress is a no-no? Open toed shoes are also not acceptable.

Could it be time to change the rules?

A female Capitol Hill reporter, Haley Byrd, congressional reporter for “Independent Journal Review” was unexpectedly barred from the House Speaker’s Lobby for wearing a sleeveless dress. The story is emerging as Washington’s newest blazing controversy.

The rules have long been in place and some veteran journalists now trying to take the blame off Speaker Paul Ryan.

This all started when Ryan recently reminded members to wear “appropriate business attire on the House floor.”

A coat and tie is required for male members and appropriate attire for female members.

Ryan was simply reminding people of the rules. The Speakers’ Lobby dress code has been this way and enforced for decades.

Maybe things have changed in decades? Could it be time to address the dress code?

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  1. Keep the dress code. This is Official Government, not a party. It also keeps out hijabs and burkas.
    So much of our lifestyle has become informal that we are forgetting how to dress like ladies and gentlemen.

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