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by Daveda Gruber:

Those known as ‘Dreamers’ were brought to the U.S. by illegal immigrants.

‘Dreamers are now saying that Democrats have failed them. They blame the Democrats for being more interested in blaming President Trump and Republicans than delivering a congressional measure that would protect the young people from deportation as they await a path to legal residency.

‘Dreamers’ are finished giving Democrats clearance for their actions.

Cata Santiagois is a 20 year old Dreamer who was brought to the U.S. from Mexico when she was just 8 years old.

Santiagois said, “They don’t walk their talk. We’re tired of it. We’re tired of believing them when they say ‘It’s the Republicans.’ They make promises when they’re in an election, and when it’s over they’re done and don’t do anything. I’ve decided to put my faith in my community [of Dreamers] and not in the Democrats.”

A program (DACA) that temporarily shields these immigrants from deportation had been set to end on Monday.

On Monday, when a program that temporarily shields such immigrants from deportation had been set to end.  Dreamers held a sit-in at the national headquarters of the Democratic National Committee in Washington, D.C..

The youths described the Democrats’ betrayal of them. Maria Duarte was one of the participants.

Duarte said in a statement, “The Democrats made the calculation to kick the can down the road and allow hundreds of thousands of us undocumented youth to live in uncertainty. We are anxious and we are scared of being torn away from our homes and our community.”

Until the Democratic Party shows evidence that members of Congress doing more than just making promises and giving reassurances, Dreamers say they are urging their supporters to suspend their affiliations with the Democratic Party.

Setermined “to continue to expose the Democrats’ false promises” are members of the Seed Project, which is a part of the Movimiento Cosecha (or the Harvest Movement), which advocates for undocumented immigrants

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York has been blamed for boasting about having plans that will result in legislation to benefit Dreamers.

‘Dreamers’ say Schumer let the ball drop by failing to push assertively for the youths, or by refusing to compromise for political reasons.

Cesar Vargas, a civil rights attorney has advocated for immigrant causes. He wrote an opinion piece for the Huffington Post. It said, “Democrats relinquished the leverage they had for meaningful legislation.” He added they “aren’t fooling anyone.”

He also said,  “Democrats have no plan, and once again, Schumer, now the minority leader, is showing that protecting these immigrants…was never his priority. The lack of leadership by Democrats, however, is nothing new. In 2009, they controlled the White House and Congress and still failed to bring up immigration reform for a vote.”

The DNC insists that it is the only party that the Dreamers can count on.

“The Democratic Party is the only party that is standing with and committed to protecting Dreamers. Our Democratic President Barack Obama established DACA to provide relief for Dreamers because Congress failed to act,” DNC National Press Secretary Michael Tyler said.

Tyler also said, “And now, Donald Trump has rescinded DACA to pander to his base, all at the expense of Dreamers. Democrats have put countless proposals on the table, and yet this president and Republican Congress refuse to take action.”

Going back about 17 years, Many Dreamers say that their disappointment in Democrats is nothing new.

They say, in 2010, Congress seemed close to passing a Dream Act (DACA) when it passed in the House of Representatives, just to have it fail in the Senate after five Democrats voted against it.

The critics say that frustration directed at Democrats doesn’t mean that they don’t blame Republicans for the Dreamers’ unsure future.

Obama did the same, many noted, when he was running his presidential campaigns, and ended up presiding over a record number of deportations.

Democrats, ‘Dreamers’ say, have gone out of their way to depict themselves as their only hope on immigration efforts that will give them a chance to legalize their status.

They seem to be done speaking to the Democrats behind closed doors and trusting them. Everything is going to happen out in the open.

Reverend Gabriel Salguero, president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition said, “There’s been a lack of political will. This is beyond partisanship, it’s a leadership issue. These kids trusted the process. We told them ‘If you play by the rules, if you wait, if you come forward, it will happen.’ They did everything that was asked of them. I understand their frustration.”

Why didn’t the ‘Dreamers’ apply for citizenship as soon as they were of age to do so? Why didn’t their parent apply for legal status in the U.S.? These questions boggle my mind.

Maybe they should have known better than to trust the Democrats. A lot of people have learned that.

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