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Leftist like Dr. Kashif N Chaudhry are so anxious to Coronavirus fearmonger that they’ve thrown all common sense, and basic math skills out the window in their effort to claim President Trump is leading America into a health crisis never before seen.

In another perfect example of how the left has so politicized the Coronavirus pandemic.

Democrat lackey Kashif N Chaudhry whose an M.D. for God sake posted this fearmongering idiocy.

Superimpose this you Coronavirus Fearmongering Pakistani Pissant Practitioner .

Chaudhry cared little posting his idiocy that the United States has a population of 330 million people compared to Italy’s 60 million.

Here is the same chart that Kashif N Chaudhry posted…Except it’s adjusted for the population 5.5x difference between Italy and the United States.

So while Chaudhry’s mental midget math projected that the United States to have 24,757 cases by 3/26.

If the U.S. projection remains similar to Italy’s the reality is we would have only 4,499.

Of course, the U.S. will probably have more cases due to:

  • Better and more available testing.
  • America not being a socialized country where your not waiting 6-months for a Dr. appointment as Italy is currently experiencing.
  • America will not order people to be locked away in their homes because of something we like to call “FREEDOM”.

The point is the lefts mental midgets morons can not simply claim the United States is on the same trajectory as Italy, due to the two countries having vastly different populations, overall land area, and most importantly vastly different healthcare systems.

Click on image to view larger.

COVID-19 Cases US v Italy adjusted for population

Kashif N Chaudhry M.D. Bio Reads 

All of these medical Centers, Hospitals and schools should be ashamed to have been associated with this Coronavirus fearmongering, American hating douchebag.

  • Education – King Edward Medical University (Lahore, Pakistan), Doctor of Medicine
  • Residency 2009-2012 – Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Englewood, NJ, Internal Medicine
  • Fellowship
2013-2016 – Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Burlington, MA, Cardiology
2016-2017 – Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Burlington, MA, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology
2017-2018 – University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology

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