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Growing up near a military base, I remember as a child during the Persian Gulf War when they deployed what seemed like every operational B-52 from the base in one day.

It seemed like the whole world was shaking and it went on for what seemed like hours. For what felt like forever to me at the time the sky was filled with this insanely loud noise that would have scared the crap out of me if were to be on the receiving end of whatever the payload was supposed to be in those planes.

We have different planes now and different missiles, but the song remains the same. There are certain noises that leaders of other armies can hear that if they hear them lets them understand how bad of a time they are going to be in for if they mess with the United States.

Modern warfare calls for modern solutions. Gone are the days of the Cold War, when whoever could make the biggest bomb was considered the biggest kid on the block. Now, it’s all about fighting smarter.

Enter the Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project — or CHAMP for short.

According to the Daily Mail, the missiles were tested back in 2012 before being adopted by the United States Air Force. Reportedly, 20 of these missiles have now been deployed.

The weapons are loaded on B-52 bombers, and function like a cruise missile — but without the explosion. Instead, the CHAMP missile flies over a target and fires its electromagnetic pulse cannon, sending a wave to the ground.

For electronics in the effective radius, it’s a death sentence. Surveillance systems, computers, cameras, and other electronics wouldn’t just be offline after this EMP blast — they would be completely destroyed.

Surge protectors are too slow to stop it, and it’s doubtful that any primitive shielding technique in Iran or North Korea would keep their equipment safe.

The energy in this wave is completely harmless to humans.

With a few well-placed missiles, entire anti-air batteries can be taken offline. Artillery, which relies heavily on a communications network, would be forced to fire blind.

With either of these systems down, a lightning amphibious invasion would be disastrous for the enemy.

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