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As someone that is currently closer to forty than I even am to thirty-five, I can remember a time when you could halfway go to CNN for reliable information.

Of course, that was in the days when you only had one cable news channel you almost had to have everyone on CNN play things totally straight. This was of course before Democrats stated using them as their own press agency.

It’s almost sad the way that they take shots at President Trump for things he hadn’t even done. If he ate an apple with his lunch they would talk about the way he peels an orange. If he had fried chicken for dinner they would talk about how he has his steaks cooked. It’s ridiculous.

It’s almost as if most of the people employed by CNN are bad comedians at an open mic night trying out new materials and falling on their faces.  Jim Acosta is one of those people. He’s like the drunk uncle that doesn’t know what not to say in a given situation so he just says all of it.

Jim Acosta finally fessed up…

While great journalists strive to be impartial and responsible,  Acosta admits in his new book due out next month that he’s none of the above.

He’s no journalist but takes every opportunity he can to be a “grandstanding” and “showboating” thorn in the side of President Trump. He says he “opts for the bait” when he has the opportunity to question President Trump.

The Daily Caller is reporting that in an excerpt of Jim Acosta’s book, “Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America,” published in The Guardian over the weekend, Acosta reveals he doesn’t believe “neutrality” works in the age of Trump:

“Neutrality for the sake of neutrality doesn’t really serve us in the age of Trump.” – Jim Acosta

Jim Acosta is finally admitting that he’s not a reporter so why not take his White House press pass away?

Exhibit 1 of Acosta’s shenanigans:


The propagandists at CNN have let Acosta run wild. He screams questions at the president or refuses to give up the mic during a press conference, but what is most disturbing is the way he treats Sarah Sanders.  He’s no gentleman.

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