‘Don’t Panic!’: Trump Is Bating Democratss And Mainstream Media On Guns

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There are a lot of people up in arms about Trump’s recent comments about “taking guns first and go through due diligence later”, however despite Trump’s televised bipartisan session on the gun debate the mainstream has chosen to focus only on a particular sound bite where he said “take the guns first then go through due diligence second” by itself I admit that statement is surely frightening for any pro-second amendment and pro-first amendment person, however if you put it context where Trump was talking about the mental illness aspect of the discussion you would know he wasn’t actually talking about taking guns away from everyone.

There are too many so-called ‘Trump supporters who I would call ‘lukewarm’ because they run away from him and attack him every time they hear him something they don’t like, first they attacked him for offering “a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal aliens” turns out that ‘offer’ was just bait for them Democrats who took the bait and started attacking their own DACA policies as “racists”, “insulting” as well as “giving them the middle finger”.

As with the immigration debate, Trump is doing the same thing here with the gun debate by baiting the democrats and the media once again.

It’s not just me saying this I found a great article in The American Thinker by Thomas Lifson he wrote:

When President Trump made his startling comment during bipartisan televised White House gun discussions about taking guns first and due process later, I suspected he was doing the same thing he had done during similar immigration discussions a few weeks earlier. He likes to toss out ideas and let them be debated.

He heartens his opponents, and because they are so emotionally driven, they overreach and he comes across looking reasonable while they look extreme.

Lifson went on to say “This time, as with illegal immigration, his opponents, intoxicated by what they eagerly embrace as a wedge between the president and his enthusiastic backers in the Civil Rights Movement, Second Amendment Division, let it all hang out, as Sun San Ferechio Of the Examiner reported yesterday afternoon “Democrats propose weapons ban, gun confiscation powers in bill inspired by Trump”

Lifson ended his article by saying this “hills critics insist that President Trump is childish, unpresidential, and unreliable. And they keeps getting outsmarted Go figure”

Lifosn also included tweets from both the NRA’s Chris Cox and President Donald Trump in his article, he stated shortly after this came out, news arrived that the NRA’s Chris Cox had met with the POTUS in the Oval Office and is confident that the Second Amendment is quite safe.



As I laid it out my article on the immigration deal. Everyone just needs to calm down, sit down and think first, now I’m going to add on to that thought, we all are passionate about our views however sometimes we put our emotions first before common sense. Especially with this current gun control vs. gun rights debate our emotions run wild.

Sometimes it’s better to put our emotions aside for a second and use common sense.

Again let me state this one more time Trump is not going to take your guns away from you, he was simply talking about the mental illness aspect of the problem which is actually the real problem.

Seems like the mainstream media has gotten to some so-called conservatives by only focusing only one sound bite and by doing that they take away the full context of Trump’s statement.

I’ll end here first with several videos a couple from the mainstream media to show you how they take Trump’s statement out of context and then with a video of the full discussions from The White House.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuVvXh9jvRE]


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bVT3TnBt2Q]

Now here’s the official video from the White House


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QI6gT7zxXg]

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