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There was no collusion, nothing illegal took place and the criminals who run this Nation of Nations will never give in to those who would flush them out and drain the swamp.

Real news? Clinton received $100 Million kick back from selling Uranium to the Russians? Who owned the Uranium? (not Clinton and not the US Government) Who profited and why? Okay, where is the anger? Here is what is wrong.

1. The Federal Government owns no land or territory. They had no business taking the assets of states for the sale to another nation; especially by:

a. Causing Federal Agencies to harass and remove citizens from their homes, land, ranches.

b. Causing the citizens to be classified as criminals, terrorists and otherwise not entitled.

c. Removing the States Assets: Uranium or any other product, mineral or metal for the resale to any foreign or national entity when the land belonged to the citizens and the state which means the profits belong to the State and the citizens and not to some criminal by the name of Clinton or any other opportunists.

d. The reason the Federal Government owns nothing is because the Federal Government is an instrument of the people who must do their business for the people in Washington DC proper. RE: The Resolution of 1780 where the US Supreme Court and the Congress agreed that the Federal Government may own no land or territory. it may only hold land in trust until said land/territory becomes a Sovereign State with its own Government, Constitution and flag.

2. The Governor of the States where these crimes take place are guilty of treason for not protecting the rights of their citizens and the profits (wealth) of their states.

3. The Sheriff’s who allow and aid in the removal of citizens and the murder of citizens are also guilty of treason.

a. A retired rancher, father, grandfather and all around good man cut down by criminal action and classified as a criminal by the law enforcement officers; state/federal.

b. Other Sovereign Citizens arrested and incarcerated; later released, but who paid for the crimes against citizens?


The Federal Government has no authority in any state unless it is for constitutional purposes. To control any such land within a sovereign state they must request through the State legislature for such access as per the Constitution for the united States: Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17. Once the land is no longer needed by the Federal Government the land must be returned back to the State Legislature.

1. Why was there no investigation?

2. Why does the State of Oregon have no funds to care for the elderly and their properties are being billed for medicaid costs because the states are broke and when Social Security should have covered all citizens retired if it had not been stolen by the Criminals in the Federal Reserve and the IRS through a corrupt Congress.

a. The Old Folks Retirement Fund was developed for citizens to prepare for retirement and their money was to be held by the US Treasury and the Congress was to fund their accounts through investments at the rate of a minimum of 3% compounded annually leaving a retired person who paid into SS for a life time approximately $100 K per year to live on.

b. We pay for medical insurance coverage that does not cover. Why? Siblings are required to pay for deceased parents.

Where is our money?

Why did Hillary Clinton receive $100 Million kick back from assets stolen from Oregon and Wyoming?

Why are citizens so dense they seem to love seeing others rapped until it is their turn?

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Congress needs TERM LIMITS law from every State. States need Term Limits within each state for all elected positions. No elected official should be allowed to retire from Government. It is a privilege to serve the people; not a right. The governments are to be, “Of, By, and For the People”. Where are the people?

We have been stupid enough to leave our government to be run by criminals and we wonder why our nation is bankrupt.

Voting records are a register of Treasonous Acts from those elected to do a job for the people who failed to keep their oath of service. Isn’t it time for a Nationwide Hanging Party for High Treason?

Don’t forget the media. When they provide FAKE NEWS to a nation for the purpose of damaging that nation, they are guilty of a crime against the citizens. This is a national security issue.

What are we going to do about this, Citizens? Isn’t it time to force the issues.

Oregon’s Senators are guilty of High Treason

Oregon’s Congressional members are guilty of Treason.

The Governor is Guilty of Treason.

Some of the Sheriffs are guilty of Treason and when you look to other law enforcement who provide aid to criminal units of the Federal Government they have committed crimes against the sovereign citizens of sovereign states. The Feds had no authority as per the Resolution of 1780.

DRAIN THE SWAMP? This will prove to be a huge job unless the people wake up and help our President do his job.

While the Tax us out of our homes and steal all our wealth, even when retired by forcing a tax on  they call a tax when it was our earned income we already paid tax on. The IRS needs to be shut down now: Follow Andrew Jackson and end the Banking fraud in this Nation of Nations and remove the United Nations from our shores. We may participate but they should not be within our borders.

In closing, Hillary Clinton received $100 Million as a kick back from Oregon Assets.  What was the value of the sale and what would such a sale do for the Citizens and the States needs.  The Feds need to be downsized to a Limited Government once again and forced to live by their Oath to Preserve, Protect and Defend our constitution (us)!


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