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Yes, I know! This headline will not be well accepted by most Trump supporters, but if one reads the current headlines and presidential polling data, however controversial, the President is an underdog.

When he first announced his candidacy back in 2015, the talking heads said it was all a lark, he was just grabbing attention, and would most certainly drop out soon or somewhere along the line. But as time progressed and his campaign gained traction, the GOP establishment took notice, panicked, and resorted to all sorts of schemes to take down the upstart and replace him with a bootlicker who could be controlled and directed to maintain the status quo.

Trump was lambasted by other members of his own party, including Karl Rove, the ever-present fundraiser and die-hard cheerleader for the establishment, and the likes of neoconservative Bill Kristol, columnist George Will, and Fox News’ Dana Perino. Each refused to admit that Trump could go all the way. At every turn, he was subjected to expert opinions by various reporters, pundits, a myriad of bloggers, and other news sources that continually moaned and groaned about the perceived weaknesses of the billionaire entrepreneur and former reality show super star. Mainly, they said his messages had no substance. Strangely enough, these criticisms came during one of the most efficient campaigns ever run by a presidential candidate, in which Trump eliminated one by one each of the most favored selections that the Republican Party had to offer.

However brutal these attacks were, none paled in comparison to the no-holds-barred warfare waged by the Liberal media and the Democrat Party.

And so the onslaught continued right up through Election Day. Every news outlet and major publication pushed the narrative that Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in; Trump stood no chance of winning. One would normally think that his success would change the tone. But as we know, it only intensified with issues like the Russia Collusion Hoax and impeachment fiasco.

During the current election cycle, nothing has changed. The assaults continue 24-7 and, just as before, the President has regained his status as an underdog. The polls, which show that his Democrat rival is leading substantially by double digits, boastfully declare that Joe Biden will surely ascend to the Oval Office. GAME OVER!

Not so fast, I caution. The President’s opponents need look no further than recent history, that of only 4 years ago when he shocked the world and sent Hillary Clinton to the scrap heap. His spirits remain strong, even when faced with relentless personal attacks, the Coronavirus Pandemic, the disgrace of national riots, and calls to defund or completely dismantle our law enforcement agencies. This man — Donald J. Trump — truly loves America, and it shows.

In my opinion, he has an Ace in the hole, and he will play the “Trump Card” on November 3rd to gain re-election. After all, he once awakened the silent majority, and he will do so again. The vast majority vehemently oppose the policies of the Liberal Democrats, including but not limited to, Medicare for All; abortion; gun control; huge tax increases; legislation from the bench; open borders; total amnesty, free college, and free health benefits for all illegal aliens; and the Green New Deal, along with the agendas of Antifa, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and those represented by far-left fascists, who wish to replace our constitutional republic with a socialist form of government. Common sense voters know this, and they will flock once more to the station to get their tickets on the Trump Express.

But beyond all else, never for one minute, should we forget that Americans truly love underdogs!

Written By: Fred McKinley

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