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If only CNN anchor Don Lemon could have been this passionate about a former President when his administration claimed the slaughter that took place at Benghazi was over some Islamophobe videotape.

CNN’s Don Lemon interviewed John Kasich last night after President Trump’s address to the nation on coronavirus.

Don Lemon assumed like every other CNN guest that Kasich would follow CNN’s Trump-Hate narrative and start bashing President Trump for only God knows what.

Of course, Kasich could have claimed “Donald Trump wore Gray socks with a blue suit” and that would have been enough for Don Lemon to claim ‘President Trump and his racist followers are destroying the very foundation for which America was built upon.’

When Kasich, who by no means is a fan of President Trump’, refused to partake in his shows effort to trash the President, Lemon had a total meltdown.

Don Lemon nearly hyperventilated over John Kasich saying he thought President Trump’s tone was spot-on and thought overall the President’s address tonight was “fine.”

Lemon immediately entered the ‘Resistance Zone’ where Lemon-Drop channeled his best Greta Thunberg’sHow Dare You?

Who Stole Don Lemon’s Puppy?

Don Lemon’s liberal panties not only started showing they burst into flames when California’s Lt Governor Eleni Kounalakis, following on the heels of what her boss California Gov. Newsom stated earlier.

They believed President Trump and his administration were doing their very best to help California get all the resources they needed to aid in their fight to minimize any Coronavirus outbreak.

Related Story: California Gov. Newsom Gives Trump Full-Credit, Refutes Media’s Trump-Hate Coronavirus Narrative.

When Kounalakis refused to say anything bad about President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus case, it looked as if Lemon-Drop was just told someone stole his puppy.

Despite sour-puss Don Lemon’s repeated attempts to get California’s Lt. Gov. to climb aboard CNN’s Trump-Hate program, when she refused, Lemon broke out into his best Nancy Pelosi, stuttering:

“It shouldn’t be a Political, but, I, just…what…I want to know is…are you getting the support you need from the Federal Government?”

In spite of his repeated attempts, Kounalakis continued to state that all she could say was from what she has heard, the collaboration between President Trump and California local officials was very positive.

You could almost see Don Lemon’s acid-reflux erupt like Mount St. Helen.

We are currently gather information to see what CNN’s and Don Lemon were reporting on how then-President Barack Obama handled the H1N1 virus outbreak in 2009.

As we reported last week in our Trump Coronavirus Response v Obama H1N1 Virus Response article.

Obama did not declare a nation emergency until 6-months AFTER the H1N1 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

And The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified the first two H1N1 / Swine flu cases in California on April 17, 2009

When President Barack Obama finally declared a national emergency on October 24, 2009, the CDC estimated that:

  • 4,000 Americans have died
  • 250,000 American were hospitalized
  • 22 million Americans had been infected with the H1N1 virus.

Just 16 days later on December 10, 2009, the CDC reported:

  • 50 million Americans or 1 in 6 people had been infected with the 2009 A H1N1 Virus
  • 6,000 additional Americans Had Died, bringing the total to 10,000.


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