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by Jeffrey M. Gresio:

The Elitist, Progressive, Left have begun their version of the Tet Offensive.  As midterms draw near, congressional hearings turn up the heat and the man behind the curtain is starting to be revealed, the Communist Democratic Left have let slip the dogs of war.

As the Democrats hope of impeaching Trump on Russian collusion are evaporating, and every other attack to diminish Trump in the eyes of his loyal supporters has failed, the Democrats in an act of risky desperation are falling back on an old tactic of trying to label Republicans as child hating, unsympathetic, sadistic, monsters.

With predictable actions, the Democrats with the aide of the front-line main stream media, again step out of reality, fabricating a narrative of how the Trump administration are solely responsible for the manufactured crises at the border.

This tactic has a two front objective.  The first, to draw attention away from the FBI, DOJ, OIG, hearing.  For anyone paying attention. It is hard, if not almost impossible, for any reasonable human being not to see the overt bias of the investigation into Hitlery and her server, and the Special Counsels investigation into Trump interfering in an investigation and Russian collusion.  If you are like me, you have heard the Democrats defending Hitlery to the point of nausea; as they paint her as the victim in all this.

The second front is an offensive on stopping what is shaping up to be a Red Wave in this November’s midterms. Once again the Democrats are projecting their abuse, misuse and exploitation of children onto Republicans.  In a ridiculous attempt to fabricate out of thin air their justification for such claims, the Democrats and main stream media are rewriting history. They assert that the separating of illegal children from illegal parents is a Trump invention.  The fact that Slick Willie signed the bill that gave birth to the separation of illegal children from illegal parents, which President Bush further endorsed and Barack Insane Obama himself implemented have no bearing on Democrats and main stream media’s interpretation and version of history.

This current offensive launched by the left could turnout to be their Pickett’s Charge and Folly.  Remembering that one of Trump’s key political running points and promises was fixing immigration. This gambit by the Left just maybe their Little Big Horn; Custer standing against the deplorable Indians.  The Radical left are so blinded by their anger, they are unable to see that more, and more of the silent majority are awakening and paying attention. They are missing that those on the right are refusing to be assimilated; seeing through the Left’s web of lies, and deceit; learning their tactics.

That all aside, be prepared.  The Left are fixing bayonets and getting ready to get dirty and down in the trenches.  Anticipate between now and the midterms they will unleash attack after wave of attack.  i believe their current  tactic will blow up in their face; only solidifying all the more, Trump’s base.  like Napoleon, we need to make sure as Wellington did,  that this November’s elections are their Waterloo and we are able to banish them forever.


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