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by Wayne Simmes:

It seems that every time that a young black person has an altercation with police their names become memorialized by marchers that take to the streets across the country deriding all police.  Names like Michael Brown and Dante Parker are etched into our minds by the mainstream media and by the organization Black Lives Matter.

But when a police officer’s life is snuffed out by some low life that perhaps has been egged on by the perceived injustice reported endlessly by a headline seeking journalist or activist.

All too often, brave officers put on their uniform and leave the house, to protect and serve the populace and never return again.  This year alone there have been 37 police officers killed in the line of duty.  How much coverage has been given to them?

Here is a list of officers killed in the line of duty just this year:

January 5, Lieutenant Christopher Robateau.  Survived by his wife and 3 children.

January 7, Officer Chris Beaudion.  Survived by wife and 2 children.

January 7, Deputy Sheriff Daniel McCartney.  Survived by wife and 3 children.

January 16, Detective Michael Doty. Survived by wife and children.

January 18, Deputy United States Marshal Christopher David Hill. Survived by wife and 2 children.

January 24, Deputy Sheriff Heath Gumm.  Survived by wife and other family members.

January 25, Officer Glenn Doss, Jr. Survived by girlfriend and 9-month old son.

February 5, Deputy Sheriff Micah Flick. Survived by wife and 7-year-old twins.

February 7, Officer David Sherrard.  Survived by wife and 2 daughters.

February 9, Officer Chase Maddox.  Survived by wife, a young child, and unborn baby.

February 10, Officer Anthony Morelli. Survived by wife and two children.

February 10, Officer Eric Joering.  Survived by wife and 4 daughters.

February 13, Commander Paul Bauer. Survived by wife and daughter.

February 13, Officer Darren Weathers.  Survived by wife and daughter.

February 17, Deputy Sheriff Kevin Stanton.  Survived by family.

February 20, Officer Justin Billa.  Survived by wife and young son.

March 1, Deputy Sheriff Alexis Locklear.  Survived by 4-year-old child and other family.

March 2, Deputy Sheriff Jacob Pickett. Survived by family.

March 3, Officer Rodney Smith.  Survived by wife, six children, and three grandchildren.

March 6, Officer Ryan Morton.  Survived by parents and siblings.

March 9, Officer Greggory Casillas. Survived by wife and two children.

March 11, Deputy Sheriff David Lee’Sean Manning.  Survived by his fiancé and daughter.

March 13, Officer Scotty Hamilton. Survived by wife and infant daughter.

March 15, Deputy Sheriff Ryan Zirkle.  Survived by fiancé, two brothers, and his parents.

April 6, Corporal Dale Hallman.  Survived by wife, unborn child and two children.

April 9, Officer Keith Earle.  Survived by family.

April 12, Officer Sean Gannon.  Survived by wife, parents, and siblings.

April 19, Sgt. Noel Ramirez. Survived by wife and two children.

April 19, Deputy Sheriff Taylor Lindsey.  Survived by family.

April 20, Deputy Casey Shoemate. Survived by fiancé and two children.

April 22, Officer Tamby Yagan. Survived by a 7-year-old son and other family.

April 24, Officer Rogelio Santander.  Survived by family.

April 25, Deputy Sheriff Eugene Cole. Survived by family.

April 27, Officer Jesus Chuy Cordova.  Survived by wife, two children, and unborn baby.

May 4, Officer Rob Pitts. Survived by family.

May 7, Deputy Sheriff William Gentry.  Survived by family.

May 21, Officer Amy Caprio.  Killed in the line of duty six days before her birthday and a few days before going on vacation with her husband.

The saddest thing while I am writing this is that it was so hard to find out any information on these brave human beings.  What I have no doubt of is that they gave their lives serving their communities and fellow citizens.  But there are no marchers deriding those responsible for their deaths.  No group is marching on Washington declaring that Blue Lives Matter.  But each of them is sorely missed by friends family and fellow officers.

I hope that someday those that protect and serve will be revered as much as the few who some feel are unjustly killed by police.

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